Monday, January 24, 2011

The anime E HEROs

Tried making them again yesterday night as I was bored.

In my first attempt to make the deck, it already surpasses my Neos decks. Wow!

The more important points of making these decks are :

1. Knowing which HERO to use and which to leave behind.

If you wanna play these "outdated" HEROs, 1st of all, you must take a look at the fusion monsters. Some are downright outdated (or too much a chore to summon) while others are still pretty damn powerful.

Choose those you think you would play more (play more than 1 copy of that HERO cause you are gonna end up needing him more than others). Choose the fusion material based on the Fusions, not throwing one of each in there.

While its not gonna be a Judai style deck if you don't play ALL of those HEROs, we wanna take this to Tournament, so live with it.

After carefully choosing what I would be using, I found that most of the powerful fusions have something to do with either Sparkman or Wildman (while he doesn't have alot of fusion monsters, they are good).

Try not playing Featherman , Burstlady and Clayman cause they ... kinda sucks. Unless you make them your main. Bubbleman, I don't put him on the list 1st cause his effect may be of use later on (that doesn't mean he goes right into the deck).

Edgeman is a tough choice, while he has access to 2 of the more powerful fusions (Bladeedge and Plasma Vice), his level is too high. As of now, I place a copy of him in the deck just in case (as this is still a draft deck).

2. The fusion materials

You are gonna need triple King of the Swamps. There is no way around it. Well, thats not much of a problem as King is nothing but a common, so a few bucks and you can have a play set.

Triple emergency call and that lone Reinforcement of the Army are very very important in here. So is Airman//Stratos (well, all HERO users know that). Getting to the Fusion materials fast is vital, and getting to the right material for that timing is what going to win you games.

I also decided to play a copy of Fusion Recovery since I may be needing my King of the Swamps for later.

Morphing Jar can help set up for your bigger plays, so don't leave it behind. You may not need it all the time, but there are times that you do. This is player preference thou, as I don't see alot of players liking this card.

Don't try to play Super Polymerization in here, it's not worth it.

You might wanna try running 1~2 copies of Prisma to get to the fusion material fast, setting up your grave for a Miracle Fusion play as well. But this may be hard to do in the OCG (due to budget issues).

3. Choosing your extra deck cards

We only have 15 card space now, unlike GX era where we could just throw in every E HERO around. DON'T leave out the manga fusions especially ZERO and Shining. Cause you are gonna need them, more than you think.

4. Protections

Unlike the manga HEROs, which generates advantage the moment it hits the field (even if it gets destroyed). The anime HEROs doesn't quite cover their cost. The reason why these HEROs aren't popular now is (1) they need specific materials (which can be overcome easily in the right build) and (2) they don't pay for themselves (which is the main issues).

Playing safe and running cards that clear the way for the big HEROs, are important to playing these guys.

Don't run cards like HERO Signal, while it is cool and all, its a card that only generates advantage when you are at disadvantage, you don't want that.

5. ... there is no number 5 ... YET!!

Well, I haven't made a complete list yet, but I should be able to make 1 by tomorrow or tonight as I don't have school tomorrow (YES!!). Taking it locals this weekend to test it out if I have the time, and since I haven't been there for so long now (a month excluding weekdays where no one is there).

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MaZura De Ville said...

Do you have build for evil hero? especially Dark Gaia. I had build it but when i try it in DN, it not running too well