Monday, January 31, 2011

Yesterday, at SW ...

Got there very late thanks to the jam KL will always experience during festive seasons, the tourney has started, and its at round 3 (of 5) when we got to GA.

Well, I wasn't in the mood to duel either, so I guess it was fine.

Walked around the shop and saw some guy playing an unknown deck (I didn't see anything) with Armed Dragon LV10 on the field ...

Wow! Didn't expect that. I didn't expect the deck Mango(nickname obviously) played either. Quickdraw Junk Syncron Tuning Ware Random Shit Bomber LV1 Monster deck.

I was confuse of the deck he was playing and ask around for his scoring, at the end of round 3 he was 3-0 !? And 2-0'ed a Samurai at that 3rd round and another one at round 4 (this wasn't 2-0, but well, still awesome...) That strange deck of his brought him to rank 2nd of the day (still not buying him an one way ticket to top16 though).

Nothing much happened yesterday for Team Mamak, as Nick got a very good bargain and I bought a SR Polymerization for RM20 ... kinda expensive I know, but what ever ...

Can't get my playsets of Valkyrias cause everyone was selling them at Gateway price ... for a non-meta card ... really?

Saw a blog where the guy posted some decklist on a Vanilla deck, decided that it might be worth building with the cards we have excess to today.

Specifically Heat Wave.

I saw a decklist which I think is pretty awesome with 3 copies of that card, couldn't find it at the moment, but I'll update you guys with that later on.

Sick as a certain cowman right now thanks to what ever the restaurant serve us dinner last night. Going back to sleep ~~~


Mr. G said...

Interested in the Armed Dragon deck LOL. Any special cards for the concept except for the Armed dragon itself?

LGQ said...

no idea, I was just walking around and spotted LV10 on the field, then walked away. I saw LV Modulation in the grave thou, not that that's important