Thursday, January 20, 2011

Elemental HERO Extra deck

Since with the new E HERO being shown in the manga (we can expect it to be in the next GX tankoban), I've made changes in my extra to fit it into the mix.

3 Absolute ZERO

Of cause, what fusion HERO can be without 3 of these. We all know how important this card is to fusion HERO players. While Water is so rare in the meta game (side from Brionac and Trishula), the deck has its own supply tank to allow us to summon the dude easily.

3 THE Shining

The reason why HERO beat is so successful and annoying a while ago. This from Miracle Fusion generates A HELL LOAD of pluses. This card can easily help you recycle those fusions where you only need 1 of in case of emergency.

1 The GREAT Tornado

While he is not as good as the other 2, you still need him in your extra deck cause his effect WILL come in handy. Super Poly into him stops alot of plays. But more than 1 is not advisable unless you play Featherman cause what are the chances of you summoning 2 with only 1 Airman.

1 Gaia

While Samurai, Scraps and some other decks have loads of Earth monsters, this card is only at 1 cause his effect isn't that powerful. The only good reason you would wanna summon him is to stop your opponent's tempo which 1 does perfectly. And since you can always recycle him with Shining, 1 IS enough (unless you run triple Forestman or Clayman, or you meta calls for it)

1 Nova Master

Seriously, people actually thinks Heat will get more plays. I'm sorry, in a pure HERO beatdown, maybe, but fusion, no. You still need 1 cause you might just run into that random GB deck and he just so happens to summon Herk out of nowhere. Or in absolutely random situations where your opponent top decks a Debris and summons a Lonefire(cause he doesn't have a Dandy). His a good card but not good in the meta.

1 The Earth

People don't run him anymore, which is a shame as he is THE biggest OTK engine in E HERO. Since most HERO fusion runs King of the Swamps and Ocean, summoning him is no problem, he also help gets pass walls with ZERO or big monsters with just about any E HERO.

1 Draco - Equites

Since Debris Dandy and Scrap can't win without bringing out their big dragons. Why not more than 1? Cause you don't have the space for more and everything else in their deck can be use for summoning the E HEROs.

1 Fortress Dragon

Cause I run CyDras in the side just for Machina and Karakuri matchups. Nuff said.

3 more spaces left.

Currently, my side is 1 more of each of the Fusions but since we are getting the Dark Fusion sometime soon. 2 of the space would be for him, 3 if the meta calls for it.

Kudo's for team Rose Bud for the fast update!!

If the meta is still the same when he comes out (BF being the main dark around), the final slot will go to Stardust Dragon cause we can always side or main a copy of Starlight Road.

2 Exlidao

Being a Dark fusion E HERO is all he needs to be. God cares if he is 2000 and doesn't have an effect, he will still be good. With a 2500 that can fight on par with most aces and an effect to gain attack for each E HERO in the graveyard, this is 1 card no Dark deck user wants to face. Remember, Super Poly can't be chained, so your opponent can't Icarus and escape your fury.

We could always add Adration and Trinity into the mix so we could have our own sources of Dark material.

All and all, the release of is definitely meta changing.


Brah said...

Thanks for the mention, very much appreciated. The generic hero fusions can also be very good in the mirror match, they overextend and you just lawl.

Iceman Hotty said...

You can always run Divine Neos (God Neos) to dump 5 for Miracle Fusion. Of course it wouldn't always summonable if you drew into Grand Mole before Future Fusion, but it does have its uses. Even more so if you run Wildheart.

LGQ said...

Grand mole and future fusion are too slow in my opinion, except in decks that runs Neos