Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Back!!

Been to the tropical Malaysian Island of Penang for 3 days, came back late afternoon yesterday and crashed at Lam's. Just got back home half an hour ago, and I'll tell you : "It was a great trip"

Ken's an awesome guy, I give you my word.

Back to topic, went to Nice Play on Saturday afternoon. Reach by 3pm, and joined their local tourney. Around 10 turn ups for the day, which I can't make out if its big or small.

Deck used : OCG X-sabers

It was a few days ago thus I can't make out the exact details of the duel, sorry.

match 1 vs Debris Dandy

1st duel : I mained Gozen Match, his Debris can't bring Dandy back. Quickdraw + Dandy Token can't go for Drill cause Gozen was on. He can't do anything.

2nd duel : I open with 3 Fullhelm, 2 got killed somepoint of the game. He Black Rosed the field and ended with 2 tokens on the field with 5 cards in hand. I Fullhelm into Fullhelm into Regi and took my Faultroll back with a Faultroll in hand.

OO - 3 points (they held a point system which is cool)

match 2 vs Six Samurai - Lam

Apparently, only both of use got 3 points in the first round.

1st duel : Gozen Match, nuff said.

2nd duel : He won.

3rd duel : I won.

OXO - 2 points

match 3 vs Six Samurai

1st duel : Gozen Match

2nd duel : Gottomz loop + Scrap Dragon.

OO - 3 points

Top 4 vs BF

I won this match but I can't remember ANYTHING.

Finals vs Scrap

1st duel : My 2 Gozen Match clog in my hand since the 1st turn.

2nd match : I Gottomz loop his whole hand and ends with 2 Gottomz on the field. With no back row. He tops Chimera and goes to Twin(he has Call of the Haunted set) and proceed to rape me.


Ranking : 2nd place, prize was a STOR twin pack.

Apparently there was another locals right under Nice Play in that mall, we checked it out and get some singles.

Didn't duel anyone there but Ken said the player standards ain't as high as those from Nice Play.

Sunday morning, we went to Kek Lok Si (a Chinese Temple which is one of Penang's main attractions), we saw Turtles!!

There was this top Pagoda/Temple place where we need to pay 2 bucks to go in, there lies the buffest Buddha you will ever see. There is also a bell, where you could knock on with this log after you made donations, Lam made a donation (RM1) and wish for a Pot of Duality from a pack of DREV, he didn't get what he wanted, but at least a Holo (Chivalry).

Sunday locals, turn up was smaller cause it was family day, 8 homeless dudes showed up.

I wanted to use my Sabers again but Ken ask me to use my E HERO, which I did.

match 1 vs BF

1st duel : The kid summons Shura, Specials Bora and ram into Shining and ditch Kalut. Shura died and I get Allius and Airman back (Gate was on the field). Sets 3 Back row and ended. I summon Allius, he chains Bottomless, I use Spark and got his Icarus. Set MST and ended, he activates Delta Crow. He draws Gale, deals 3000 damage and go for Armor Master. I summon Airman, grab Ocean, E Call for Allius and ends the game there with 2 Shining with 4100 attack on the field.

2nd duel : His Bora attacked into my Snowman which he ditch Kalut to deal damage. I somehow won with 2 Shining again.

OO - 3 points

match 2 vs a very very random deck

1st duel : He sets a bunch of monsters like Marshmellon and Reaper. I use Gate to clear his field and win with 2 Shinings.

2nd duel : I draw into 2 Compulsory and he wasted his Dark Hole and Reaper on the field while I just bounce Airman back to hand.

OO - 3 points

match 3 vs Magician Beat

1st duel : I wasn't sure of his strategies but I drew very good hands.

2nd duel : Sided in Skill Drain cause Spell Casters normally need their effects, but he just use beat elements to push the game through. Wring side.

3rd duel : I forgot but I won.

OXO - 2 points

top 4 vs Karakuri

1st duel : I don't know how the deck works, so I lost.

2nd duel : Sided in 2 CyDra, 2 Skill Drain, 2 Chivalry and a Mind Crush (which helped me won this duel).

3rd duel : He drew very very bad.


finals vs Six Samurai - Lam

1st duel - He pulls off the Samurai stunts 1st turn and there was nothing I could do.

2nd duel - He actually sided in Puppet Plant against me and used my Shining for tribute.


placing : 2nd again.

Prize : Scrap Twin Dragon

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