Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gozen Match, Light Imprisoning Mirror, Trap Stun

What the hell does the title mean !?

Well, its just 3 cards in my deck that I usually change between matches.

As you know, I main 3 Gozen Match in my Sabers, cause the card kills Samurai and Debris Dandy. Against Agents and Lightlords, the 3 spaces are taken out and 3 Light Imprisoning Mirror goes in. 2 Trap Stuns are mained when I play against BF, GB and other decks that are trap oriented.

Other cards in my side include 3 Puppet Plant. Not only does it do well against Samurai, it can also help you defeat Hero based decks. Just make sure you don't target Allius while you have a card on the field.

I also have 2 Consecrated Light in the deck in case of Infernity or other Dark decks, but mainly against BF. While siding Consecrated Light against BF in my other decks is stupid according to me, since I usually force the guy into top deck mode, this card just prevents my opponent from a come back with a Dark Armed or something else.

2 Banisher of the Radiance. Because my deck absolutely dies to Herald of Perfection (while not many are playing it, but just to be safe). It can also help in matches against Frog Monarchs and Dandy based decks. I was playing 3 of him in my side, but took 1 out for an extra Mirror.

I also have 2 DD Crow against decks that resolve in the grave. Mainly Scraps cause I lost to one the other day. It does good against Scrap and Dandy, among other decks.

For the last card in the deck, its a System Out. Why? Random Machinas, random Gadgets and random Karakuris. That or Cyber Dragon, but CyDra can easily be BTH or Warning'ed.

So my side deck is basically,

3 Puppet Plant
2 Banisher of the Radiance
2 Consecrated Light
2 DD Crow
1 System Out
3 Light Imprisoning Mirror
2 Trap Stun

I was siding 2 Twisters, but since I already have enough Samurai hate, and for the fact that Herald is the only deck that really messes me up when they play Decree. I took it out.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Puppet Plant on Neos Alius?

LGQ said...

not that you can't, but you should avoid that, cause you might just got hit by Dual Spark