Sunday, January 23, 2011

Neos based deck ...

I'm about the only one who still blogs about how to make a Neos deck good am I? (don't answer that ...)

I've tried Rainbow Neos, its an amazing card, the ability to rid your opponent of protection and ruining his//her gameplan (also known as Graveyard) is terribly good. Only problem with this colossal giant would be his summoning condition. Neos isn't a problem, but Rainbow Dragon (both of them) is. Too big to search and basically dead if you can't fuse it. Wish Sin Rainbow gets release fast to make this thing actually worth running.

Another variant I tried would be straight forward Neos Beat (sorta like Goofyplayz's Light Armed Neos). Running 3 copies of Prisma to gain attack boost from Neos space or to wipe out the entire field with Wrath of Neos. Its not a bad deck, but too slow now and lacks momentum.

I even played Neospacians running Crossporter, Panther, Mole and Dolphin for field and hand control. Future Fusion is really important in here as I can fuse Neos (or Necrodarkman) with any of the Spacians (aside from Panther) or Porter to fuel Convert Contact for draw power. I've even add Chaos Sorcerer into the deck so it has some ways to get rid of monsters like Stardust (and his evolve forms) ... But at the end of the day, the deck is still somewhat at the same level as the former 2 (not competitive at all).

My next and most probably final project on Neos would be to make a competitve God Neos deck. Since God Neos basically lets you fill your grave with things you wanna have in the grave. Miracle Fusion is powerful in here. The only problem with the deck is that you need a certain amount of Neospacians for it to work properly. Which Neospacian to use is the key.

Well, my choice is something I don't think anyone will thought of.

3 copies of Flare Scarab and a copy of Aqua Dolphin.

Of all the spacians, why these 2?

Nova Master and Absolute ZERO.

Well, not really, dolphin is here mainly because it can control my opponent's hand quite well. But Scarab IS in here because of Nova Master.

The ability to draw for each monster I destroy is too good to go to waste.

Prisma ditching a Scarab revealing Flare Neos, then I'm all set for a Miracle Fusion play.

I might also throw in 2 to 3 copies of Parallel World Fusion cause summoning God Neos with Miracle Fusion takes away a lot of material (but also sets up a lot of plays).

I do not have a final list of the cards I may be playing yet as school started last week and I will be spending more time on school work from now on.

Thats it for now.


Chow said...

I thought you can't use Sin Rainbow Dragon because the text on Rainbow Neos states that it can only be fused with E.HERO Neos and a "Ultimate Gem God" :/

LGQ said...

i know, i meant rainbow dragon has more use to it now as you can use it to summon a 4000 beat, since I main SKill Drain

Chow said...

But then you would have one less Rainbow Dragon to fuse with D: What would your Rainbow Dragon line up look like?

LGQ said...

3 Rainbows, thats it. I run 3 Parallel World, so thats not a problem.