Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who to blame...

I guess for those of us who have been playing since pre-Chaos era, we mostly have a feeling like, those days are the best. when Vorse Raider and Gemini Elfs are good staples and Blue Eyes is your main boss. that time, a banned list wasn't needed as no card is worth banning(even for Raigeki and Harpie's Feather Duster, just treat them as Lightning Vortex and Heavy Storm of the old days)

after Chaos went down. the game has a period of slowing down again. so, why is the game so freakingly fast now? because of monsters(mostly monsters cause I can't really think of any spells and traps that does these effects) that could come out of no where and gain freaking advantage and has a Behemoth like attack point.

who started this trend? Monarchs. I always felts that creating the Monarchs are one of the stupidest thing in YGO history. it leads to endless netdecking and decrease in originality. When was the last time you saw endless breed of decks in a tourney after Chaos, pre-Monarchs.

as we all, know, Monarchs don't have down side aside from being a Lv 6 that requires a tribute. but for some retarded reason, CRV made this small draw-back a joke. with Cyber Dragon and Treeborn Frog introduced, together with existing cards made Monarchs extremely powerful. this and the fact that Monarchs supports are mostly Light and Dark, lead to Chaos Sorcerer being a key card in the deck, leading to an endless army of beatsticks with outragoues effects.

the Monarchs are the top decks for quite some time, untill being detrone by another King, Demise, King of Armageddon. Being a ritual monster, this card has excess to dangerously powerful effects. To the point that it just destroys everything in its path, like what CED once did. together with Advance Ritual Art made this card a big competitor against the Monarchs for top tier.

Then, GLAS came, and the Gladial Beast came into the picture. Gladial Beast are extremely well build yet no where near broken before Gyzarus came into the picture. Gladial Beast's original play pattern was to attack, tag and attack again. Being a very fun deck and no where near top tier, until TCG come up with Test Tiger, which made this deck so powerful, Demise and Monarchs are nothing in front of these Roman Warriors. being versatile to any spell and traps combination was also a key factor in Gladial Beast as they don't really need specific spells and traps to run cause they just search out their friends, leading to unlimited space for defensice & offensive cards like Book of Moon, Shrink and even Waboku.

the pack after GLAS was the one who change the face of YGO comepletly. PTDN introduce the DARK archtypes(screw Yubel), an archtype consisting of Dark version of existing monsters with similar but leveled up version of the originals effect. Among them is Dark Armed Dragon, arguebly, one of the most versitile yet powerful monster in the current game. these Dark monsters are so powerful not even the previous mentioned decks can compete with them with the exception of Gladial Beast. (Demise could not compete due to the fact that the main card of the deck Advance Ritual Art was limited to 1). Spash the Darks together with D-HERO and the syncro monsters introduce in a few packs later created many devastating decks. From RainbowDark OTK to DimensionDAD to the fearsome and legendary TeleDAD.

this trend would continue till RGBT where it introduced the BF deck types, while no where as powerful nor consistent as TeleDAD was, it proved itself one of the better deck types ever build as we see so many OTK created by this black birds. The sets after RGBT, which are ANPR and SOVR, seems to have slow down. both these set don't have extremely powerful // gamebreaking archtype, yet they support previous archtype. this may be good for the game in some way, but it would be better if they support OLD archtype like Toons and Guardians as well.

from my research done, I can concluded that the one factor that leads to the game's current state is DARK. the dark attribute had always been a centerpiece in YGO. from Monarchs to Demise and even the Gladial Beast and BF, darks are really involve in some ways. they can even been found in LightLord that are based on Light, in the form of Necro Guardna, Zombie Carrier and Black Shining G.

One question remains is, what would YGO be like if it supports not only on LIght and Dark but the other 4 attribute as well, what would it be like if PTDN was never introduce and Caius the Bloody Monarch and Raiza the Freaking Monarchs are not having their current effects?


Cranium X said...

I've long wanted some major support for the 4 other attributes myself, especially Wind. I LONG thought the instant they created Mobius, the game just went crazy. It seemed like from that moment on, any deck that stalled for whatever win condition they were working to set up was just doomed from that moment on.

A Perplexed Duelist said...

Was actually thinking the same, they should stop the over-support on DARK types. Maybe it was a bad idea to leave DAD alive in this format after all.