Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tourney Report - 5 Sept 09

This is one of the worst I did in locals. but just to be fair(not to only submit the results when I get good ones), I'll post it.

deck used : E HERO (still needs a Gaia and 3 Oceans)

1st match vs Dark/Daemon/Counter Trap (HDLAM) OO
his deck was basically a pile of cards he assemble with no specific themes or play style. Why he doesn't run Six Sam, we just need to guess(probably ego...). anyway, his deck has draws that mimics his deck, a pile of crap. the only real threat was DCK and Necrofear, which never shown up both duels.

2nd match vs Warrior Beat XOX
the 3 duels are very long and interesting duels. 1st duel, keep on clearing the opponent field(me with Zero and he with Lightning Vortex), he got me down to 1000, and I turn the tables around with Shining Flarewingman to his 200. he sets 1 card and summon Amazoness Warrior. I summon Stratos, he activated Ceasefire... 2nd duel, I owned him with Shining Flarewingman. 3rd duel, he used Hand Destruction, I drewed Polymelization and E Call. my turn, drew another E Call, use E Call and found out I'm out of monsters....

3rd match vs Undead OXX
3 long duels again. 1st duel, he dead draw into Shuten Douji. 2nd duel, he won with Shuten Douji. 3rd duel, he has goblin zombie direct, hit Miracle Fusion. after a while, he had the other Goblin Zombie direct, hit Fusion Recovery(while I have Bubbleman in my hand and Airman that had been used as fusion material for Zero). dead draw into Polymelization.

4th match vs Fallen Angel OXX
3 long duels yet again. Own with Zero in the 1st duel. 2nd duel, he has Athena out and swarm with 2 Athena, 1 Darklord Zerato, 1 Fallen Angel Suprebia and 1 Archlord Christia. he attacks, I activate Mirror Force, he Solemned it. 3rd duel, I wasn't attacking at all, I have Zero out in an empty field(empty monsters), instead of my usual attack without caring for that face down, I ended. He Vortex Zero and summon Suprebia and sp summon Darklord Zerato.

tourney placing, out of 10 contestent, 8th.... the only thing that made me felt better was Lam got 9th...

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