Monday, September 7, 2009

Heavy Moding Process

this afternoon, I made a stupid deal with Lam. it goes like this,

me : eh, any chance you would trade me back my 3 Berzergers?

Lam : not unless you trade me your 3 Rai-Ohs...

me : take them, they're all yours.

Lam : huh!! serious?

so, without Rai-Oh, it basically seems that my Light Dark Beat can't function anymore. so, I can only take it apart. T.T

but when I reach home tonight, after I post my previous post. I try modding my Spellcaster deck when I realize the amount of card pool I could now use in my other decks. so, I took the cards(mostly extremely good cards) in the LDB deck and use it in others. ends up with me powering up my other 5 decks so much.

Spellcaster --> Dark Spellcaster BEAT
Dual//Gemini --> Dual Fusion
Core Chimail --> Chimail BEAT
Gladial Beast --> still Gladial Beast but alot more powerful
Yusei --> still Yusei's deck but with more powerful traps such as Raigeki Break

so, basically, trading the 3 Rai-Ohs made my other decks better. what a twist of fate!!

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