Friday, September 18, 2009

Your Favorite Manga?

This is basically for those of you that love manga, not their anime version or just simply anime. Don't say YGO as I know some of you are just making it up. YGO was a good series but it was no where near awesome.

there are a few things I absolutely LOVE in this world, 1 is manga, 2 is YGO. as you could see, manga is really more important to me than YGO which is a lot more important than food. just wanna know what YGO players think about manga. all the YGO players I know love anime and some love tokusatsu, but I don't really know alot of YGO players loving manga, but this may be cause by the fact that anime is more enjoyable in Malaysian eyes, as for me, I don't like anime, the only anime I am currently watching is just 5D's as it is not based on a manga.

well, I'm guessing you think my favorite manga would be top mangas like One Piece, Naruto or BLEACH. don't get me wrong, these mangas are enjoyable to me (except for One Piece) but I just don't like their style.

my favorite manga would be Initial D, as I am a car guy and I love motorsports. No explaination needed for this popular manga series. Closely following and tied for 2nd place are Air Gear and Bakuman. Air Gear, thou a battle manga, is better in my opinion to Naruto and BLEACH due to a few reasons, a F'kin bastard as the main guy, a freakin' good art, cool battles as oppose to normal fighting(who the hell could think of roller blades as weapons), and most importantly, EPIC scenes and quotes(if you read the manga, you know that the jokes Oh! Great makes are freakin' EPIC). the other 2nd place, Bakuman, is a relatively new series that showed up a year ago, but it caught my interest in the 1st few pages of chapter 1, something no other manga has ever done. the fact that made it does so is that it is based on real life mangakas trying to get serialize and their trials just to get an anime. bakuman is really not the manga for you if you don't like mangas in general but never fails to grab manga lover's attention. I mean, when was the last time you saw a manga based on mangakas? never!!

if you like, please feel free to comment on your favorite manga series, as I feel this way I could know how YGO players think a little bit more.

Q. if KEN likes manga... would it be something to do with food? YakitateJaPan?

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