Monday, September 21, 2009

Really, what the hell is this guy thinking!!

I saw this on Pojo and I'm extremely frustrated seeing a YGO player do things like this:

"Hi, I've wasted alot of money on yugioh cards.. (over 400$ I think) and I have never gotten anything good, im serious!! I'm tired of wasting so much money and getting nothing good but I love yugioh and I still want to keep playing and become better..

So me and my friend were thinking of a way to get good stuff without risk.. (I CANT scale, or any other tricks) So we came up with an idea of buying tins, opening the packs, and if we get crap we can just seal the packs and return the tin to walmart. We already tried sealing a pack and it looked like it was never opened so thats not the problem.. My question to you is, is there anyway to reseal the tin with a plastic to make it look realistic enough as the original plastic? I've tried saran wrap but that didn't work at all, it sticked all over the tin and looked really wierd. So is there any kind of clear non sticky plastic wrap stuff? Is there a way to reuse the old plastic from the tin for example cutting it straight in the middle than somehow melting the 2 parts togather to make it stick or something.. I'm really desprite for this to work please help!!

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if you don't get mad or at least angry or disappointed... your moral values have problems...


atsf said...

This is the outcome when the game is so focus on tournament and making cards more than they worth.

[HD]Lam said...

Searching for pulling ultra or super is also not an ethical or morally thing to do. Do remember before pointing on someones fault, look at the mirror first