Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Best Solution to LS ever!!

JD or Celestia and whatever crap LS have : I blow up your field, wahahahaha!!

Player/Yusei cosplayer : I activate Starlight Road!! Negate you!!

*BGM + epic scene of JD/Celestia blow up *

Stardust : miss me?


Neuxcharge said...

lol, but in the end , we may be seeing Stardust on the banlist. (and thats just wrong sad for him/her/it/whatever gender Dragons have.)

kentho said...

i don think it can negate JD leh , same case goes to my body as a shield

Duelist#LGQ said...

my body as a shield is destroy monster only ma, this is 2 or more card, but is whole field consider 2 or more dunno la, but sure have only la, this + some monster!!

mike said...

yah waiting for rulings!