Friday, September 4, 2009

NEKO, now a part of the games history...YEAH RIGHT

I've just finish watching this duel on youtube, I find it quite interesting.

since the banned list come into active, we are hearing things like Neko is dead, Cat Syncro is a goner and even this stupid shit, Gladial Beast are gonna be slow again, whats wrong with the last comment?

according to a couple of my TCG friends, NEKO is dead cause :
1. NEKO is down to one 2. Summon Priest is also down to one 3. DDB is banned 4. bla bla bla, I don't know, but there must be something else...

what I think is... Go F Yourself. sure, the banned list gives Neko a great beating, slowing down the deck by a little...hell no, it slow it down alot. but the points 2. & 3. , which Neko deck uses these two? AKB. is AKB the only Neko variant? Hell no.

with 1 Neko left, its almost a certain it won't be top tier anymore, but the game has become obviously slower comparing to the previous format. if u just modify the deck a little, it'll still be a challenge to all.

just think it this way, if it can't win anymore as one of the META decks, than use it as an AntiMETA. and from experience and the video I just watch, the biggest antiMETA card right now is Skill Drain

why is Skill Drain good in Neko?
1. it can't stop NEKO(but yes, it stops the syncro) 2. your opponent basically gets screwed(their Breaker can't break your cards and Your GOYO is sitting there) 3. its Skill Drain, explanations needed?
please comment on your ideas...

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[HD]Lam said...

I like the name thou, Sayonara Neko vs Skill drain neko. All hail the mighty rm 300 Barubarous