Thursday, August 12, 2010

Herald of Perfection, my take on the deck

This deck seems to have completely died out here in Malaysia. Having bought 3 of them of Cookie, I'm planning to build 1 for myself in case Rescue Cat got banned.

At the "collecting cards for deck" phase currently, but would expect it to be done in 2 weeks time.

Krytia is the tricky one . I can't really find that card ... cheap. This shit actually cost a fortune!!

Really like the deck that was played in YCS last month. The one that runs Happy Lover!! God knows what the deck is called.

As everyone knows, this deck is all about locking down what ever your opponent might wanna throw at you and punching him back with DIVINE POWA!! ... I mean ... Fairy Powa ... thats gay...

Anyway, let us move on with the post shall we.

Main card of the deck is undoubtedly!!

Herald of Perfection

Amazing piece of blue shit!! Good stats for a blocker and an amazing effect that few monsters can match.

Searchable, and recyclable! Awesome in everyway, aside from the fact it looks stupid ...

and now for a surprise!!

Sky Scourge Enrise

Chaos Sorcerer's divine cousin? I mean, it has the same effect but its a chore to summon him. Why is this guy in here ... ? Well, if I can't summon him, I'll just ditch him.

You'll see in a moment!!

And now, for the deck!!

Awesome!! Mokey Mokey is in the deck!! deck!! (50):

monster (29):

3x Herald of Perfection
3x Manjyu of the Ten Thousand Hands
3x Senjyu of the Thousand Hands
3x Archlord Kristya
2x Sky Scourge Enrise
2x Herald of the Orange Light
2x Honest
1x Djinn Releaser of Rituals
1x Sangan
3x Happy Lover
3x Mokey Mokey
2x Petit Angel

spell (12):

1x Advance Ritual Art
1x Dawn of the Herald
3x Dark Factory of Mass Production
3x Preparation of Ritual
3x Pot of Avarice
1x Trade-In

trap (10):

2x Common Charity
2x Trap Stun
2x Royal Oppression
2x Beckoning Light
1x Return from a Different Dimension
1x Solemn Judgment

Tell me what you think?


Neuxcharge said...

Hmmm, abit too many traps 0.0

Pot of avarice at 3 can be a dead draw , trade in isn't really needed.

Hmmm so maybe - 1 pot and 1 Trade in for 1 Heavy and 1 Giant trunade because I can see Royal Oppression getting in the way of the deck. Still you have the main gist of it so Yay!!! =D

Duelist#LGQ said...

hmmm, yeah, it can be in the way some times. well yeah! will try to get a final build, this is all on paper anyway