Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Minor updates

Really wanna create a Youtube channel and upload duels like Cowman does.

Whose with me?

And more importantly, who has a video cam?

And another important note is ... would I get killed if I suddenly take out a cam and record the duel ?

Would MrP kick me out?

Just thought of this cause some guy trolled me over Youtube and I just happen to delete EVERYTHING!!

Can't let Foreigners think that the only place in SEA where YGO is active is Singapore!!



Neuxcharge said...


hehe, don't worry its safe to film so long as the person is ok with it XD

Ken said...

miao, film it outsie sg wang la, lol, like with lam or so, maybe some deck intro or so?

HappyLoo~ said...

Just record. But I think its better to ask them if you're allow to do so. If you're recording my duel I won't mind at all.