Thursday, August 5, 2010

Best of YGO 5D's

Episode 121 has one of the best scenes in the series yet!! 3 in fact!!

1 . Crow doesn't lose because of some Fak up reasons. (ie, "poor guy, I have to let him win because of his mom and not activate Mirror Force" or "I have to act as a noob and let their guards down so my team can blast their door open!!!"). He deserves it!!

2. Black Feather Dragon gets punched by some random fat dude thats super hard to summon. Not to mention Dragon Capture Jar!!

3. Crow gets "Boo-ed"!!

Yes, my life has a meaning now!!


Really interested in Ritua!! They are fun from the looks of things.

They can search like mad and their Ritua Spell has a broken? effect!! a +1 if you ask me!!

Ceremonial Water Mirror of Ritua - Broken piece of crap!! For a fun deck!! Self Recycle + free Monster Reincarnation ... OMG!?

Eviritua Mind Ogress - Recycle when summons ... from graveyards ... not Your graveyard ... and up to 5 ... not half bad!!

Eviritua Soul Ogre - Bronaic wannabe ... but his 2800 so, basically your beat stick. But since the ritual spell lets you get a free Ritua ...

Ritua Abyss - Stratos ... but with a limit ...

Ritua Vanity - Your OTK pusher ? maybe ? Your opponent can't activate anything in response to your ritual summon!!

Ritua Marker - Manju God but from the grave instead of deck.

Ritua Chain - 1800 beat stick with a Pot of Duality like effect for Ritual cards!!

Ritua Erial - 1800 blocker with a flip sangan effect that doesn't have a limit!!

Shadow Ritua - 1 card Ritual tribute AND King of the Swamp for the ritual spell.

Meditation Technique of the Ceremonial Water Mirror - reveal the ritual spell and add 2 Ritua from grave to hand... we've seen a lot of cards like this ... will this be different ?


Ritua is easily the best archtype out of DT10 (me and Nick thinks so!!). Raid of the Inverz? How bout changing that name. At least for now, I show no concern to the Inverz, aside from the fact that they need some serious plastic surgery.

Interested in building a Ritua deck now!! Mike!! Hold on to the GB cards for a while!! My mind is currently too focus on the Ritua cards!!


Alpreme said...

waaa rich kia play DT deck xD,but they say this deck hard to play wo,not strong enough,many of them still waiting next booster to power up tis deck

Neuxcharge said...

OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indeed Crow deserves to get Boo-ed and loseeeeeeee and the look on BF Dragon when Thud punched it was lol as well as Crows turn end reaction!!! =D

Yea, Ritua is definitely gonna be a nice deck to play, i'm glad they are chunking in alot of nice themes for DT10 =D