Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rainbow Neos Beat

So, I've pushed my Rainbow Neos deck up the ladder once more. Its now faster than ever, but lost the ability to fuse into ZERO!! No!!

Why? I took out Miracle Fusion and King of the Swamps to make the deck a more Rainbow Neos focused deck!!

New card in the mix :

E HERO Neos Allius // Another Neos & Gemini//Dual Spark.

Something we are all familiar with!! These 2 bad boys are one of the cards that are quite popular some time ago when Dimension Eatos was a top deck.

While its a +0 in terms of card advantage (-1-1 + 1+1 = 0), it speeds through the deck and earn a place as a fan favorite. But, actually, I'm not a big fan of the card, but since it goes with the flow, I can't complain.

Book of Moon

While this card can be seen as a staple nowadays, I don't quite like it in my deck as it slows me down. Yes, it still does, but keeping Rainbow Neos up on the field is top priority. And this card also saves me from random Brain Controls. It hurts as hell since Rainbow Neos is a 4500 and I most probably won't be getting it back.

Fusion Sage

Why not King of the Swamp? Personal preferences, if I get King of the Swamps, I may hesitate to ditch it and may lead to dead draws next turn. This ... I won't! But still, you can argue that King of the Swamps is more versatile.

Fusion Recovery

Since I would probably end up with Polymerization and Rainbow in the grave, I may need it. Its sometimes a dead draw, but in other timings, I need it!

main deck list :

monster (18):

3x E HERO Neos
3x E HERO Another Neos
3x E HERO Prisma
3x E HERO Necro Darkman//Necroshade
1x E HERO Airman//Stratos
2x Rainbow Dragon
2x Rainbow Dark Dragon
1x Morphing Jar

spell (17):

3x Polymerization
3x Fusion Sage
3x E Emergency Call
2x Dual Spark//Gemini Spark
2x Book of Moon
1x Future Fusion
1x Fusion Recovery
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade

trap (5):

3x HERO Blast
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Call of the Haunted

The why no's?

Honest - Rainbow Neos needs no backup in terms of attack or rather, it slows the deck down!!

Miracle Fusion - While it adds much more plays to the deck, it kinda diverge it from its main purpose.

Some whys thats commonly ask!!

Why 2 Rainbow and 2 Rainbow Darks instead of 3 Rainbow?

I was planning to use Dark Armed and Chaos Sorcerer when I initially plan for this deck, but I just can't find space. Then why not 3 Rainbow and 1 Rainbow Dark? Cause I don't have a 3rd Ultra rare Rainbow Dragon ... Thats really the only reason.

Aside from Rainbow Neos, how does this deck wins?

Pure beat down!! Neos is an awesome beat stick since you have Prisma to dump Necro Darkman into the grave in the 1st few turns. Another Neos, Airman and Prisma are all beat sticks!!

Doesn't the Rainbow Dragons sometimes becomes dead draws?

Of cause it does. The point of building a Rainbow Neos deck is to minimizing the chances of that happening. And that IS the challenging and fun part of a Rainbow Neos deck.

Now, we proceed to the side deck and extra deck:

side (15):

3x Consecrated Light
3x D.D Crow
1x Neospacian Grand Mole
3x Summon Limit
3x Crack//Crevice to a Different Dimension
2x Royal Decree

Extra :

3x Rainbow Neos
2x E HERO Neos Knight
1x E HERO The Great Tornado
1x E HERO Gaia(Which I don't have)
1x E HERO Divine Neos
5x Generic cards

I'm thinking of having Battle Fader or Extra Veiler in the deck but just can't seem to get the space for it.

Obviously, the decks that the side deck is build to counter are :

Frogs, BF, Infernity, Machina and Trap heavy decks (Countdown and AntiMeta)


The Machine Emperor cards are Good answer to the ever so troublesome Starlight Road!!

Grannel Infinity is awesome!! It makes Wisel look like an outdated joke. Why? ITS SEARCHABLE BY ZA SANGAN!!

And it can be a lot bigger and more broken, although 1 Book of Moon is all it takes to make it the old man he really is!!

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