Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quickdraw Dandy Warrior - Next format's Boss

With nothing it runs got hit (aside from Heavy Storm and Brain Control, but they get Monster Reborn in return and -1 Royal Oppression to fear) they are gonna be a very powerful force, especially since Super Nimble Mega Hamster is gonna be in the OCG soon!!

Now, Let me get into the list!!

Official (hey, its on Shriek, meaning real Vjump) September 2010 banned list!!

Banned :

My Rescue Cat!! NOOO!!

- well, I see this coming, I blame the TCG ... But broken card is broken, nuff said!!


- Me love this!! -1 broken deck in the META is always good.

Brain Control

- I love this VERY VERY much, now I can summon Big E HEROs without fear of a stupid top deck.

Heavy Storm

- Wut? Thats random ... I mean, this is one of those cards you won't wanna banned. You want people to set 5 randomly? "Black Rose is at 3!!" Yeah, can he get out of I had like what? 5 back rows? Seriously Konami, I think this is a bad move!!

Limit :

Monster Reborn and Black Hole :

- MB : Yo dudes, I'm back again!! How long have I been gone ? 1 year? Wow!! Check this out I brought back with me a friend whose gone for like what? 6 years?

BH : Yo man!! Its good to be back!!

Any other cards : Holy TUUUT!!

2 super broken cards brought back? We lost Heavy Storm so ... less likely to OTK?

No comments on the others but :

Royal Oppression
Black Whirlwind
Infernity Gun
Za Trishula (well, its down to 1 as it should be and he still has that presence in the extra, so, yeah!)

Semi :

MST at 2?

- With Storm out, I guess we'll need it!! But feels weird.

Ojama Trio
Magic Cylinder
Snipe Hunter
Chaos Sorcerer

These I have no comment...

Unlimited :

Black Rose Dragon

- Reason why I think Quickdraw is gonna own the next format...

Cyber Dragon

- Its good to have him back at 3, Kaiser Ryo deck revives from the grave along with Cyber End Dragon!!

Machina is so getting screw now!!

Goblin Zombie
Treeborn Frog
United We Stand
Royal Decree

No comments ...


guynamedjoe said...

Um, Black Hole was unbanned before during September 2005. That would make it 5 years.

Duelist#LGQ said...

oo. ok? chaos was 04 if I'm not wrong right ... yah. its 05 when they introduce a list.

Anonymous said...

Heavy Storm is banned because Konami had made too many other multi-purpose (DAD, JD, Black Rose, etc)

It's Trunade time!