Sunday, August 8, 2010

08/08/10 Kepong Tourney report

This is a huge tourney!! Around 50 showed up and that includes almost ALL of the top players within KL (Sam and Alex even traveled from Singapore). Wasn't sure about entering as its really very far from my house and I hate KTM services, but since Cookie ask ... why not?

Merry Christmas!!

Random? LOL, Soliel suddenly said that to me and gave me a pack of PP12 . Thanks man!

Matches starts at 1 and I arrived at 12. Watch people dueled and ask a newbie to borrow me his deck cause I felt bored.

Tourney starts ON TIME!! OMG!?

Deck used : Flamvell Cats I used last week, no changes.

Match 1 vs Yusei deck - TAT NEWBIE I MENTIONED

1st duel - easy win with Airbellum.

2nd duel - Didn't table shuffle cause my opponent ain't pro, thought it was an easy win but I pulled trap hands. And no monsters came out. Lost!!

3rd duel - Easy win again with Cat.

OXO 1-0

Match 2 vs Flamvell Cats - Uncle

1st duel -He has bad hands I think.

2nd duel - I figured out what he side and sided against it.

OO 2-0

Match 3 - Frog OTK - Uncle Micheal

He was like : I want my revenge from last week when we sat down. And he change his build from Monarch to OTK because of that he said!!

1st duel - He starts. End of story.

2nd duel - 10 cards sided, nothing came out. I drew once. Thats it.

XX 2-1

Match 4 - ??? - Ah Lim (my first opponent last week)

BYE!! Cause he was missing...


Match 5 - Frog Monarch - Wei Yan

1st duel - He has bad hands I think.

2nd duel - Raiza doesn't let me set my monsters at all.

3rd duel - Monk into Cat into 2 Airbellums into 3 cards left in his hand. He sets, I go for Brionac next turn and take the win.

OXO 4-1

Top 8!! Oh yeah!! 1st top 8 EVA.... Well, not really. But first time I didn't drop out from Swiss and got into single. I normally ended up 1 place from top 8.

6th match vs BF - Cursed Opponent No.2 aka Alex

1st duel - He starts, he wins.

2nd duel - In a dire situation, 2150 life to his 1200. He has 1 face down, 2 Whirlwind and an Oppression, a Blast face up with 2 Kalut at hand. Me? Sangan and Flamvell Mage with no hand. I was like Cold Wave Cold Wave. Draw!! Heavy Storm!! Why is this not an optimal choice, that card there is a Holo (Starlight Road?), but I have no choice!! I Storm it and got through, go for Black Rose and search for a Mage with Sangan.

3rd duel - Awesome hand until he Dustshoots me. Then it became too obvious . Dustshoot really kills this deck along with other hand destruction cards.


So, I still can't get my revenge on Alex!! No matter!! There is always next time!!

Top 8 in a tourney with lot of pros!! Felt good!! But revenge would be alot better!!


I love my deck!! Thats my moral of today's story!!

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