Thursday, August 26, 2010

Internet is Your POWA!!

The 5D's crew apparently doesn't have the money to subscribe to an internet provider ... or they had been cancelled (as Bruno once used it).

or maybe Jack's just has a Ego too big to even look up on Thor's effect ... I mean, Dragan summons it every duel right?

And what?

Everyone is like, OMG!! The card really exist!!

Please ... they ARE world famous ...


This Sunday's team tourney ... is free ...

Wait!? Did I just say free? As in Free of charge.

Backed by a hard ... or soft copy.. YES!!

But it'll be limited to 8 teams ... of 3. And uses the Asian format. What makes it worst, the entire team shares a Banned List.

Your not hearing me wrong. If player A has Heavy, then, the other 2 ain't having 1.

This makes deck building harder, which kinda makes things more interesting.

Playing with limited resources is gonna be fun.


Hearing too much rants on how stupid the next format's gonna be ...

OMG!! Dark Hole!! Monster Reborn!!

The banned list is stupid!!

The next format is gonna be stupidly chaotic!!

While I do agree the banned list isn't the best banned list ever (not even close), it does make things a lot more fun (for us OCG anyways).

I don't know bout the TCG side (no offense), here, its gonna be 1 hell of a ride.

Anyone realize that most OCG players prefer the format to be fast than slow? Fast format such as the next one, is what differentiate good and not-so-good players. I mean, its all about can you be faster or can you slow your opponent down, its more fun that way.

Remember when DDB was at 3? Sure, the game ends too fast, but it was fun right (hell yeah, inside us a a little sadist that likes to torture our opponent!!).

Proof that we would love the next format?

People are SPAMMING 3 ~ 5 Trishula's a turn!! Need another reason?

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