Sunday, August 29, 2010

29th August Team Tourney Result

Went to Lam's place and then Nick's place yesterday and try to build a deck for the 3 of us. Finally settling on them this morning.

Me - Flamvell Cat
Lam - Vanity Monarch
Nick - Perfect Herald

Our team leader is Nick, we arrived early and I saw the last Scar Red Nova sleeve in the shop being bought!!! NOO!!

Our team name : Noob-PWN-Us

And when the tourney starts, we are in 2nd part of round 1, then Paul told us to change the team name, cause its offensive.

Final team name : MAMAK

Went for lunch and Micheal join. He team name is MY team!! Which has a pretty funny reason behind the name (its in Cantonese, so I don't think I'll create the same effect trying to translate).

Went back to Gamer's Arena, Paul announce the groups,


... we were like ... Holy Shit!!

That team's like Micheal, Sung Lee and Ivan ... I mean, the Malaysian Champ and Rep!?

Match 1 : VS Ivan - BF

Before the match, someone told me something worst ... this is single, not swiss ...

Duel 1 : He open cause Micheal won the Janken, and he open his play with a DDV with my hand being 2 Ryko, 2 Flamvell Mage, Elefun and Hurricane. You see what happen do you.

Duel 2 : I open with Consecrated Light and we stalled for a very very long time. And sometime during that time, Lam and Nick lost ... so, basically, we lost there... Anyway, got hit by DDV AGAIN and it hurts!!

So, basically we scrubbed bad.

But its because of our pairing.

My side is anti-frog shit!! Lam has all the anti-BF shits. And Nick uses Herald ... SO, ideally, I SHOULD take on Micheal, Lam vs Ivan and Nick vs Sung Lee. But I doubt the chances are with us any how ...

Got a lot of cards and went home.

BTW, I have an extra Super Rare Stardust. Anyone wants it? Offer me!!


~HappyLoo~ said...

Translated into cantonese. Does it mean Hungry Team? Or is it others funny jokes?

Duelist#LGQ said...

no la...

quite lame de, but funny la

~HappyLoo~ said...
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Ken said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG, i wish i can join D;