Saturday, August 21, 2010

Which is better next format!?

With the banned list announce and Heavy Storm banned, we now lack a universal backrow clearer. MST is at 2 but it still doesn't take out multiple cards at once (one can say Starlight Road may be set, but...).

Lets take 2 cards that we are EXTREMELY familiar with from previous formats.

Dust Tornado and Trap Stun

I bet we all know what these cards do, both are good but which is better for next format?

Lets take a look at subject A, Dust Tornado.

Dust tornado is a card that have been around since the beginning days of the game. Its effect and affect on the deck is simple, an extra MST. While having the ability to set an extra card, this part of the effect isn't frequently used. The only decks that might utilize this part of the effect to the fullest are only trap based decks.

With MST now at 2, is this card going back to the common pile ... I'm afraid NO. Yes, to many, MST is the more superior card of the 2, mainly because of the spell and trap difference. But with Heavy Storm gone, we need as much S/T removal as we can get and most of the cards out there (in the form of S/T) are useless(under normal circumstances).

Dust Tornado is one of the few good ones. Its a 1 for 1, so it can't be Starlight'ed. AND you won't wanna waste your Solemn on it.

In previous formats, Dust Tornado serves as the , "During your end phase I chain!!" card of choice along with MST. Without Heavy Storm, some players might just set too many cards at once, and this card can get rid of 1 of them, chances are that the one you get rid of is the RIGHT one, cause without Heavy Storm, there won't be a need for a decoy S/T right ? Or so they thought ...

Now, we move on to subject B, Trap Stun.

Unlike Dust Tornado, Trap Stun is a relatively new card, introduced a year and a little more ago in RGBT. And unlike its fellow subject, it doesn't DESTROY anything, but it can render some cards USELESS.

Unlike Dust Tornado which is basically a card that you can use for your defense AND get rid of 1 card to help you push for game. Trap Stun has always been a card that you wanna save for game, just like Heavy Storm.

The ability to shut down ANY trap in 1 turn is very powerful indeed this format cause 2 things.

1. Black Rose is at 3
2. Solemn is at 1

If your opponent thinks that his safe behind the wall of backrow and Starlight Road ... his wrong if you have this.

While we don't usually think much of this card than a Cold Wave for traps, there is something more to this card than his Broken Spell counterpart, you CAN set traps (and you can't activate it anyway). While I'm going off topic where we speak, 1 of the best things of this stereotypical card is that it allows you to do things as usual (sorta) and stops your opponent from destroying you, and that pesky Dust Tornado that he might have set last turn.

So, which is the better card ...

Seriously, I wanna say Dust Tornado but my other self says Trap Dustshoot.

Why? I'm saying this on the variety of decks that could run these card. Dust Tornado CAN be run in ANY deck that wants more S/T destruction. Any control based deck welcomes this card if they have a empty space.

Trap Stun doesn't go well in non Attacking based decks(while most decks in the current format are attacking based deck if not FTK).

Even if not in the main board, Dust Tornado can be consider a semi Side deck staple while Trap Stun doesn't have this honor.

Dust Tornado is chainable ANYTIME, while Trap Stun is usually wasted if your opponent MST it.

No mistake that decks like GB and BF would prefer Trap Stun but they will always have Dust Tornado in the side board for other match ups.

Easier said, Dust Tornado is a much more commonly played card while Trap Stun depends on the deck type.

Hope that was useful (which probably isn't)!!


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