Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last day for Syncro Cat

The deck we love and cherish for the past 3 years, since beginning of 2008 when X-Saber Airbellum came out in Syncro Awakening.

We see it from a random useless card, into a main piece of a deck, into a bloody OTK engine (at its prime), and Cat going downhill while the players tried anything they could to keep it competitive.

And now, the deck is OFFICIALLY dead, today being the last day before the death sentence.

For ALL Syncro Cat variant players(screw you XX-Saber, we know its because of you guys), go to a tourney today if there is, and play it to the finest, let it win its final tourney, this would be the best tribute to a once broken yet respected deck.

Sadly, its my mom's birthday, or I would definately join Karl Lim's Emo tourney. And yes, I have a reason to EMO, that being Cat being banned.

But I can't make it ...

Back here at home, I place my Rescue Cat(which I only have 1 copy of) in a pretty big picture frame, kinda like what Marik did with Ra.

My investment on the deck, was a success, it took me to my 1st top1 and 1st top8 single eliminations.

And come to think of it, even if Cat is banned, the other cards won't go to waste, with Extra Pack 3 coming out in just 2 to 3 weeks, that gives me a better reason to get a box or 2.

I mean, it used to be just for Koaki Meiru and Hamster, but now, X-sabers too.

Debris Cat is an awesome deck, tried it yesterday night alone, saw all the possibilities of syncro and OTK. Definitely a better deck than Flamvell Cat, problem is, I notice this too late ...

Guess till X-sabers receive the much longed boost (without Darksoul and Boggard Knight), my E HERO is gonna be my only main.

Thats it for today, finals in 2 weeks, gotta study!! Expect no decrease in post as I found out that blogging keeps me cool!!

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