Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Ideas!!

Just started reading Nurarihyon no Mago, its pretty interesting, but I don't really like the art style, its not "clean" enough. Story is straight forward, with some twist and turns, which is good in shonen. But for a manga based on Yokai, its not dark enough (at least til where I'm at right now, ep40, but in weekly manga tradition it would start getting considerably dark after reaching the 70+ episodes).

Hyakki Yakou or literally "Hundred Ghost Night Walk" is a really cool term AND its actually a card. Not a real card, but Misawa used it in the manga. Its effect is something like pay 1000 and special summons up to 5 Yokai from your grave. Awesome card is awesome.

Back to point, trying to build a Herald of Perfection deck since I have 3 copies lying around (if you want it, you can offer me for it). Thinking of using some different cards in it. I have the idea in my head now, but don't have some cards and the time to build it as I have 3 midterm test next week.

Went on Pojo and almost every banned list predictions has Rescue Cat at 0. Why ? Okay ... I know why, but why? I mean, am I the only one who doesn't go with the "ban Cat, problem solve!!" crap!?

On random note : Highschool of the Dead manga > Highschool of the Dead anime.

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Neuxcharge said...

Definitely, I find the manga to be deeper while the Anime for HOTD to be too fanservicy.

And the rescue cat ban thing is one of the many many speculations for the next list. I don't blame them but their is always route number 2.....

Route number 2 being Rescue cat stays at 1 while airbellum gets banned. This route is highly unlikely though XD