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This is where a newbie and an experience player come different.

I'm not saying newbie as in :

no tourney winning, just start the game, having bad decks, etc.

Lets say you have the same deck ...

NO!! ITS not where you think I'm going!!

Even if a guy can 90% if not 95% utilize a deck, if he can't do what I'm going to state below, his still a newbie (not many can 100% play a deck to its full potential, see Sam vs random kid using BF)

But!! Unless the player is a NOOB!! mind you that newbie =/= NOOB!! NOOB is NOOB. Newbie is those who are doing well but their experience ain't enough for him to win anything big (outside of luck based ones).

Lets take BF for example, cause this a deck that we are ALL familiar with, so it makes things easier.

Neglect game 1 as I find it very luck influenced and UNLESS the skill level differs ALOT!! Its going to be close.

GAME 2 is where experience comes in. EVERY competitive player knows how important our side deck is to us. But not every one knows HOW our side deck helps us win. In theory, its helping your deck get the edge from a bad matchup, that, everyone knows. But most newbie forgot 1 very important thing. Your opponent has a side deck too.

Why do I think this is important ? To me, if you don't know how to side!! Your still learning. The end. Thats my point!!

Say a newbie using say ... Quickdraw against BF. He will side in : Consecrated Light, Trap Hole, AND if he is smart some hand destruction cards like the DD one (which works like MInd Crush aside from the fact that its a spell, its a good card against BF because It doesn't just get you to REMOVE monsters but also spells/traps but most importantly, info on your opponent's hand.)

He'll be thinking, thats a good side, agree? I admit, its not a bad side AT ALL, IF your opponent doesn't figure out what your are doing.

Side in 3 virus (or 2) and a couple of other cards like Chain Disappearance ... your screwed!!

Problem with Consecration Light is that, it doesn't STOPS BF, its just SLOWS them down. But if he had Sirocco set or basically just any BF ... your screwed. Cause of 2 cards!! Icarus Attack AND Deck Devastating Virus!!

See my point. BUT I do admit that those aren't the best sides for the BF player, but it does the job. Why isn't it the best side? Easy, cause I have little to no experience with BF this format? Thats why my side would be mediocre ... like I say, experience!!

Another point that differs Experience players and Newbies (we take noob out of the picture cause they are noob) IS :


I point out this point every time we come into this topic.

To me, 3 steps of making an already powerful deck into a tourney winning deck.

1. Understand the deck (play ALOT and try to find ALL of the combos)
2. Try EVERY possible matchups and side every time (not just you but also your opponent), look for errors!!
3. TECH CARDS. and then repeat the process until you find it comfortable!!

Noobs will fail at 1. Newbie would stop at 1 or jump to 3. Pros go over the 3 process over and over again, until they have their final build which may or may not be that different from the 1st build.

Lets say, if in BF, you have 2 card space left (unlikely, but lets say IF), what would you put into?

Lets say no promos, cause of the stupid ASIA format!!

2 Cards of BF or Pot of Duality so that you can dig into your deck faster.

I know these are good cards into the deck!! It helps the deck ALOT!! I know, but its too generic and OBVIOUS!!

I, I say that again, I and some players I see, would rather sacrifice speed, for a few more tricks up our sleeves (personal pref maybe?).

You could have 1 Nobleman of Crossout and 1 Deck Devastation Virus in here.

Why? Cause, you won't have the need to side it in the next duel. These 2 will never be dead against ANY deck currently, and would kill some deck just by having it (Dandy, Angel Ceremony(if played right), GB, BF Mirror)

While, newbie might wanna go safe and use the conventional way (nothing wrong), but if you look at top decks of big tourneys, it usually have 1 or 2 techs that wins games for them about 1/4 of the time.

Well, thats my 2 piece literally!!

Side deck skills and tech card choices!! The 2 things a newbie player MUST learn to be competitive!!

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Ken said...

im a newbie then, coz i sux in side decking XD