Saturday, October 23, 2010

23/10/10 Tourney Report!!

Don't really wanna crap cause you guys don't wanna see those. Sold my 2 Consecrated Light for rm75, 3 Neos Allius for rm40 and 2 Rekindling for rm40. Made money basically, cause I really don't want those cards (maybe except Allius) anymore.

Deck used : E HERO Fusion aka BF Killer (you'll get this later)

1st match vs AntiMETA

1st duel : Stratos 1st turn and gate into Shining (this happens alot so I just type Situation A from now on). Slowly wastes his cards and game.

2nd duel : Gaia is awesome!! I want 1!!



2nd match vs BF

1st duel : Situation A, hit him till 900 with Allius at hand, he has nothing, but he top decked Reborn and special Goyo...

2nd duel : Chivalry and BTH FTW.

3rd duel : Situation A, fusion gate OTK him.



3rd match vs Gigavis

1st duel : Situation A, but he Turnade every thing and go for his OTK.

2nd duel : Slowly wastes his cards and forces him into top deck mode.

3rd duel : Set Super Poly and Solemn with Situation A. He Turnade, I should have Solemned, but I didn't, he OTK me with his loop.



4th match vs BF (I never get to ask his name but we know each other for quite some time)

1st duel : Situation A, BTH and Rai-Oh.

2nd duel : Icarus my Gate and Stratos, I have no back row...

3rd duel : Chivalry his Kalut when Shura tries to attack Allius. Then Spark his set. Gate OTK him.



5th match vs BF

1st duel : Opening hand, 2x E Call, Solemn, 2x Miracle Fusion, Spark ... Epic hand.

2nd duel : Chivalry his Kalut twice.



At this point, I beat Wong Fei Hong in time of passing up the results and score a place in top 4.

Top 4 today was me, Sean, Michael and Zack. Finally, no Fei Hong for a long time says someone...

Top 4 vs BF - Sean

1st duel : Situation A and that waste him too much to come back.

2nd duel : We both have nothing till both of us have 3~4 sets. Obviously, I lose out to BF in this condition.

3rd duel : Situation A and then Miracle for total wasting his hand.

P.S I draw Stratos 1st turn every duel, even when he suffered my deck alot!! Its true he can't be beaten!!

Before the finals, me and Michael have a little discussion, we decided to split but both of us wants the Yusei 3 and not the Crow (the prize was 1 of each), BUT to make sure I at least got something, I say, why don't we decide who takes the Yusei 3 in the match and the loser takes Crow. He agrees to it by the condition of the winner also get the prize for the 2nd place.

Finals vs Scrap - Michael

1st duel : Bloody noisy!! He Syncro Spam, can't kill me and I Fusion Spam and can't kill him. He top decks Chimera and Scrap Dragon my face-downed ZERO. I have no hands to Gate him next turn, and I was out of Miracle and HEROs in my deck at that point. BUT, I found out afterwards that my 3rd Shining wasn't used yet, unlike what people said ... should have checked 1st.

2nd duel : Opened with 2 Gate ... can't be good...


Placing : 2nd

So, I took the Crow pack, THEN, Micheal suddently said this : "How bout you throw in another 20 bucks and we switch boxes". In my brain, rm35(rm20+registration) for a box of Yusei 3 is a VERY VERY good deal. So, I pay him the 20 and take the box.

Pulled 2 Veiler and 1 Road ... Zzz, 1 more Road would be good.

Sold, Big One Warrior x2 + Justice Bringer for rm30. So, basically I got the other cards for rm5 ... YES!!

Pros : Got most of my revenges (only target lefts are Micheal, Zack and Karl Lim), Beating a butt load of BF hence earning the bloody BF Killer name, Top a tourney with REAL prizes, making money$.

Cons : Tried my luck with a 5 pack DREV, got Trident as the Holo and no Warning ... , Not winning Michael.


ilikewater2009 said...

I want Big One Warrior XD
and how much is RM 30 in U.S.A. dollars???

Duelist#LGQ said...

abt 9usd.