Monday, October 25, 2010


As titled, this is a reply to the post on Accel Scrubbing.

Am I the only one who thinks that Holy Light//Consecrated Light is a total waste of time, afford and side deck space?

I mean, in a Infernity or TeleDAD heavy format, yes, I get this.

BUT, now, its not, at least not here(hence this may only be viable here in KL).

The only Dark deck that is ruling the competitive scene is BF//Blackwings.

Yes, Light slows them down, but stopping them dead in their tracks? Far from it.

Like the author said in his post, to fully play this thing, Royal Decree and My Body is sided in as well, I get that point, BUT I don't have that space and I need my traps.

So, the conclusion is, IF your traps can do you the job, stick with them.

I sold mine last weekend to support this point!!

What if Infernity or another Dark deck becomes Top meta next?

Don't count on it, cause to me, Earth is the new Dark.

And being the player we all know Konami is, they would be boosting them more now, not that I have complains for it.

Lets see. Since DREV, we got 2 very powerful archtype, Scrap and Karakuri(okay, its not as powerful as Scrap but ... its good and a few more GOOD cards will broke this deck), both which are Earth!!

SO, my point IS!! Don't waste your money on that Light Ball that looks like a lone testicle. I mean, rm40 for that piece of shit? Selling 2 may earn me the money for a Pot of Duality(the most epic OVER PRICED card of them all!!)

I'm just saying.

If you wanna take down BF, Chivalry is a better AND cheaper option that give you outs to GB, X-Sabers and Perfect Declarer(before Decree comes out), at least to me it is. And it doesn't look like a lone testicle!!

Again, I'm just saying.

My opinion on the I think overhyped ... not really, but over priced card!!

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