Saturday, October 9, 2010

I posted this!!

Over at Lam's forum. I saw this guy who ask how he can start YGO, thus, I posted this :

We need to know are you a fan of the manga or anime, cause if you are, it will be a lot easier. If not, do you have past experience with TCG (MTG if possible), if no ALSO, this is going to be hard.

To make things simple, 1st, you should get in touch with your local community (or make 1 your self with 4 to 5 friends).

Get a starter deck//structure deck or just look at the beginners guide over at or equivalent.

Look up the basic rules of the game and play fun matches with each rules step by step (don't worry about upper class things like Priority, missing the timing and most importantly//confusingly cost for the 1st few matches until you get your basic mastered). Then, try understand priority and cost.

Missing the timing is something you would have to learn as your dueling career grow, its what I consider the hardest to teach and cannot be teach anywhere outside a duel. Not many outside judges and top players get this 100% right, they have the idea and is 80% right, but 100% is pro level, so don't think about this when you have only just start.

Decks : get a deck, anyone you like, if your just starting and want to just play for fun. The starter deck is a good option. Get a box or 2 of it and some packs of the upcoming Yusei pack 3 as well as a Stardust Dragon, together with the rules in your head, and you can go to your locals now.

Going to tourneys would really help a duelist improve. I mean, dueling against top players and top decks let you see how good players play 1st hand, you might not be able to win at 1st, but the experience is what you are paying for, not the prize, that comes after you have master the basics.

And another note is, don't listen to bullshits (very very few in OCG but tons in TCG) like, your deck sucks , get this deck or just netdeck(copy) this deck list I have here. Its your deck, if they have a problem with it, let it be THEIR problem. BUT this doesn't mean don't take any advice, just not the bullshits. Ask some nice players after a match (because how would they know your probelm without seeing it ...) how to mod it without making it too complicated (some players just makes deck that are too complicated for beginners I know).

Before buying a deck, ask some nice players whether you could borrow their deck and ask them to teach you how to work with it. After a few rounds, before you return it, ask them (while few would ever consider) to show you his//her deck list and if possible ask some questions on the selections of cards (like why Solemn Warning? Why Pot of Duality? Cards that have draw backs that you think might work negatively)

Thats my 2 pieces!!


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