Thursday, October 28, 2010

Machina Gadget

The deck that reign supreme(before Frogs became top) last format in Malaysia or maybe ... KL!

The deck didn't had anything robbed from them.

BUT this deck has been MIA since the start of the format in Gamers Arena.


I mean, aside from that noob-of-a-kid that runs it with Machine Emperor, no one runs the damn deck.

I guess the spirit of Machina in KL died the moment Cookie sold his deck ...

Contrary to believes, X-sabers never took off after Extra Pack 3. I guess the lack of Cat and Darksoul really is defining.

The only ones I saw running the deck is Kelvin and me (while Lam and Nick did plan to play it, but meh ... they give up I think).

Another deck that seemed to completely disappear from the format here is Infernity, but this I can see why. Your paying that enormous amount of money for an already not broken deck which got his Gun 1/3'ed.

While I see a few Scraps here and there, it is still another one of those deck that has enormous potential, but just didn't took off. Saw Fei Hung and Michael playing, and thats it.

Dragunity is gone too ... Arkylus ...

Surprisingly, I see the number of GBs and Lightlord INCREASING. I mean, the cards we have to deal with them increase, but why?

Weird things are happening at Gamers Arena ... Weird things ...

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