Friday, October 22, 2010

Infernity!! Topping!!

Using Infernity and topping a tourney may not seem that difficult(if your good), but topping in an Asian Format ...

Not happening ...

Not even if your Yugi .... ok, maybe if your Yugi, but I guess your not.

Why ?

The whole deck is Asian format legal? Its one of the few decks that can work perfectly without any promos? And their won't be any promos to stop you, why can't they win?

Yes, their main deck doesn't have promos, but their extra is a different story.

Was playing TF5 last weekend and I found out how important Hundred-Eyed Dragon is to the deck.

I almost always summon him twice per game and end the game.

Its like :

Mirage -> Necromancer + Daemon -> Gun -> Hundred-Eyed->activate Gun, get another Hundred-Eyed, search for Force->Remove Necromancer, get Daemon, search for something->top that card with Plague->Bronaic->Daemon comes back and ditch last card->game

Thats what happening almost every single time.

I can't imagine Infernity topping without Hundred-Eyed, seriously, I can't.

I mean, its not like you can't win, but against top tier decks, its gonna be very tough, and winning against them to the top ... even tougher.

The other card is almost obvious, we can't use Trishula-sama.

The soul of Infernity last format. Not able to play this card = -10 or more plays.

I rephrase my point again, its not like Infernity without these 2 is a bad deck, no, its still an awesome deck. BUT, the difference in having and not having these cards ... is obvious.

Till tonight then!!

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