Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frozen Fitzgerald

Let me start by introducing just how good a card this is.

Dark Tuner + 1 Beast non-tuner? How bout we rephrase that as Junk Syncron + Ryko?

Awesome card is awesome, 2500 for a Junk Syncron free summon is good.

And its effect is not half bad, not awesome nor broken but good!!

I can see people playing decks like JnD or just about any deck that uses Syncron and Ryko as the engine using him at 1.

He helps fill the grave too. 1 more Dark for DAD or Chaos Sorc?

How bout Dandelion?

Spore and Glow-up Bulb are nice too!

Jet Black Zumwalt is another very good card.

With Dark Bug, this card can be summon easily, problem I have with it is that Insect ain't really that popular in the game right now ... EXCEPT LEVEL EATER!!

Syncron deck's 2 new best friends?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yay I knew my playset of super Level Eater would come in handy
Hmm never thought of bring those two out that way