Sunday, October 10, 2010

9/10/10 tourney report!!

Lam fetch me from my house (woah! now thats news!!) and me, him and Nick travelled to Sungei Wang in the bloody Vios.

Tourney starts very late 1330-ish.

Deck : Don't wanna play X sabers cause my homeboys wants some action.

so, I played my E HERO.

No, this is not Hero Beat or Light beat or anything that has a close resemblance to Hero Beat aside from Allius and Stratos.

Its Hero Fusion!!

1st match vs Gemini Beat - Najib

I swear to god, thats my opponent 1st round. For those of you who have no idea who the fak is Najib, Google it!!

1st duel - He Pot of Duality and picked Gorz. I Hurricane his backrow, and pumped The Earth to over 9000 with Zero, Shining and Airman.

2nd duel - I set Snowman, one of his 1900 hit into it. Then I set Forestman, and he pretty much did the same thing. I grab Poly and go for the kill with a Stratos and a Miracle at hand.

2 -0


2nd match vs GB - Kamali(I think, sorry, I know the guy for years and still can't remember his name)

1st duel - He starts with Laquari and 4 sets. I have Stratos, Gate, Trap Stun and some irrelavent cards. Summoned Stratos, got Chariot. GG!!

2nd duel - After sided, I drew into 2 Miracle, 2 Fusion Gate and 2 Cyclone ... Da Fak?



3rd match vs Burn - Lokman

1st duel - I Hurricane his backrow and Spam my Poly, E Call and Miracle.

2nd duel - I use The Earth to Tribute Zero, destroying his Marshmallon and Fusion summon Shining FTW.



4th match vs Flamvell Syncro - Uncle

1st duel - I Super Poly his Stardust while his Scrap trys to blow the shit out of Zero.

2nd duel - Summon King of the Swamps and Super Poly with his Colossal Fighter into Neos Knight!! And Ocean FTW!!

2 -0


5th match vs X-saber - Kelvin

1st duel - I drew bad and set Forestman and Snowman to stall out. Which he slams into them. And when Stratos come into my hand, it over!!

2nd duel - Drew no Fusion cards, and my sided Skill Drain came out too late.

3rd duel - I start with E Call, Skill Drain, Fusion Gate, Trap Stun, BTH and Allius. AKA 80% win hand against X-sabers that is USEABLE in OCG. He slams his Regigura into my set Forestman for some reason...

2 -1


Got 5th!! Zzz!!

Kamali with 4 wins but losing at a later match gets the spot along wit Sun Shin Tat.

From the TP. I pulled Palamuro and Lam pulled Pashuul. We freaking shouted YES!! And bloody High Touch! And traded ...

Zack pulled a Pashuul as well and did what football players did after they scored a goal!!

Pretty much scrubbed.

A few things I wanna point is that, how many people would Ram into my set monsters. I mean, dude, if I set my monsters, its gonna be either Snowman or Forestman. Why would Bora, Airbellum or anything among those lines work.

And why everyone shows a surprised face when I freaking tell them I'm using E HERO, its not like I haven't did this before!!

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