Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boggard and Emmers

I found a pattern in the number of these cards being player in sabers. You play these in a different amount you can massively affect your play style and how you wanna win you games in general.

Of cause, you would have 5 of them in your deck, thats always a staple now, but who gets the 3?

3 Boggard and 2 Emmers or 2 Boggard and 3 Emmers.

I see more people leaning towards 3 Emmers. I myself plays 3 Boggards and 2 Emmers.

Play anything aside from 5 of these and some of them might go to waste and you won't have space for Effect Veilers and Maxx Cs.

3 Boggard and 2 Emmers :

I like this set more because I could afford to go all out more often. This set up actually ensures easier Trishulas and Gottoms in general.

But, this set is useless unless your playing Regigura, which is deem too unreliable for many. I see why people dislike the Faultroll loop in general, and I understand the reasonings behind them, but I'm not buying it.

In this set up, you also need to have 3 Faultroll, or your Boggards go to waste. Boggard + Regigura = Trishula + a 1900 beater.

Stripping advantage is what I think this set up is all about. And of cause, this set up enables the Faultroll Loop alot easier as compare to the other set, which doesn't play the loop at all.

Of cause, being the offensive set does have its drawbacks. Namely, if you can't get your cards right, ie, no Faultroll or Darksoul (although unlikely since you play 3 Pots and Emmers), your gonna have a hard time staying alive, since Boggard can't be sync to anything but Sabers.

Hope gives you that extra boss monster if you have 2 Boggard and wanna push or just stay in the game. But you should avoid this in general, as I find summoning Hope means you can't afford to lose it, and its the card you don't wanna make unless absolutely necessary.

Emmersblades are only run in 2 because the 3rd copy WILL go to waste in a deck like this. There aren't a lot of targets aside from Darksoul or maybe Kamikaze into something to get Regi or Fullhelm out (which I tend to do a lot).

2 Boggard and 3 Emmers :

The more common way of playing Sabers. This allows you to stall longer and search your key pieces easier. Best thing bout this set up is that you won't need 3 Faultroll to function.

This is more defensive in nature because without 3rd Faultroll and Regigura, you can have tech in 2 more cards. I personally go with Hamster or Debris (not both) and maybe Maxx C or Gorz.

Emmers is a hell of a wall, searching you any sabers at any given time its destroyed by battle in no joke. This card alone (technically) can wall attacks from most decks if they don't have an answer to it.

Builds that main 3 Emmers are mostly going for Level 6 Syncros or Rank 3 Exceeds. If your opponent is playing massive backrow aka CONTROL (ie, BF or GB), go into Hyunlei and blow them up. Playing beat down or something like that? We fight AGGRO with AGGRO. Revise Dragon and Gaia Knight are extremely big beaters. Last but not least, the COMBO decks, they do to much shit with their banish pile, so Leviair is there to take that advantage away from them.

An Emmers with Fullhelm in hand can instantly get pass most plays as long as they don't have boss cards like Quaser or Krystia out.

Boggard only serve as the extra muscles in here most of the time. Or getting Faultroll out faster if you already have the pieces.

This set up is more popular as you could held on to your tail easier and the less demanding set up allows you to side more effectively and play more techs that the other set up can't.

The problem with this set up is Darkworld. Because of how reactive this deck could be, Darkworld and their Lightnings could easily gain advantage while poping your things. You need to play Emmers to get its effect off, but when staring at an opponent that could destroy your cards for free, its not that good of a deal.

Only thing we saber players could do against DW at this point is to play more chainable cards and try not to set Emmers unless necessary. The releasing of triple MST is good for sabers, since decks with field spells are generally bad for them. But even with that, to take down DW with Sabers means you need both luck and skill, try playing more conservative and don't commit to the field too much, and do that only when your gonna win. This is easier in the former set than this, although the difference is minimal.

Another card in sabers I really wanna discuss about is Regigura.

This card is there for the Faultroll Loop, and if you don't plan on the Loop, don't play this. Playing this also meant you need 3 Faultrolls.

But thats not all to this 200/1000 reptile.

This card can easily make Faultroll with Boggard, and give you a free Trishula. I feel this cards good because of Trishula. Usually, in sabers, we make Trishula using a Fullhelm and 2 more sabers. While you can get Darksoul and search and all, but I don't think your gonna pull that off that easily without Emergency Call.

Regi gets access to Trishula faster and easier. Although playing Regi gives you less choices and variances most of the time.

I think the point I wanna make is that, playing or not playing Regi is all bout which do you think is more important :

Variance and less dead draws or Trishula (yes, Trishula).

I don't think I'll go any further, as my post usually only get out half of what I'm trying to say, asI can't express myself that well.


mike said...

dont worry us malaysians understand you quite easily ;)

yeah i would run 3 emmers but this format if i were still running sabers i would cut down to 2 emmers and replace the 3rd with a sangan. why? cos of dw thats all lol.

Anonymous said...

How do you make trishula with Boggart+ raigura i´m curious

LGQ said...

cause u normally will have pashuul out or dead pretty early in the game

petqwe said...

I wanted to ask whether Creature Swap is good in Sabers, especially those with 3 Emmers.