Saturday, September 24, 2011

Random ranking tourney

So, we played this ranking tourney with Sirocco as the 1st place prize.

Only 4 of us where there, but what the heck.

I still didn't get my Maxx Cs and Darksoul yet, so I'm playing HEROs.

Round Robin format, but thats not important.

1st match vs TG Agent - Fishtank

1st duel - Get Rai-Oh out 1st turn for the early lead. My other monsters rush for game later.

2nd duel - He hid behind Gatchi for very long, and tried to go Trishula, I play Torrential which cause me Hope, but his 3 monsters for Trishula was Warwolf, Striker and my Honest he reborned. He later drop Hyperion on me and won.

3rd duel - I open Skill Drain, set it and summon Allius, holding Honest. He plays MST and got a free Gatchi play. I ditch my Honest to keep my Allius. Summons Airman to pop his Mirror Force, overlay both for Hope. Some how, he manages to kill my guys but I was fighting back with Shining. I joke about him top decking a BLS and kill me here. But he did had BLS, and the thing he top deck was Honest.


2nd match vs Six Samurai - Crowser

1st duel - He opens into Shi-En and sets 2. I misplay here, I summon Allius and attacks into his Shi-En, holding Super Poly hoping he chains something. But he lets it through, and now I look like an idiot, and plays Super Poly to get rid of Shi-En and deal damage. He later plays Dual Sword into Trishula. I regretted playing Super Poly at this point, cause playing it now might got me a lot more advantage. Loss to Trishula.

2nd duel - King Tiger just sits there and does his job. My opponent was left with nothing to summon but setting.

3rd duel - He stalled too long with Kageki and rushes, making Trishula and we both played all our backrows. I summon Allius and destroyed his Kizan, setting Spark. He summons Mizuho, special Kizan, tribute Kizan and tries to pop my back row, which I chained to get rid of his Trishula. I drew, played King Tiger and Miracle Fusion for game.


3rd match vs Twilight - LCW

1st duel - He open nuts and double JD on me one the 3 turn after Dark Hole killed Rai-Oh.

2nd duel - I open Airman and Gate. Playing a Shining 1st turn and setting Judgment and BTH. He summons Lyla, which I played BTH. He then Recharge into Wolf in defense. I topped Kycoo and banished his Lightlords. He later review multiple JDs, but no Lightlords.

3rd duel - I open Dustshoot and Mind Crush. I summon Airman for Allius and attacks his lone set monster, which wasn't Ryko, but Necro. I set the 2 traps. I then saw 2 Monster Reincarnation, 2 JD, Recharge and Avarice. Basically he had the worst hand anyone could have, and I just kinda won from there without doing much.


Fishtank won 3 of his games so he won the Sirocco. And I got a random booster for 2nd place.

TG Agents are good, they live up to their reputation.

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鱼缸 said...

My top deck is kycoo...xD honest and BLS in my hand long long time ago..xP