Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well, its kinda ... I mean VERY late now, but I wanna get a few things out before I go to bed.

First, you may or may not know, I also play Cardfight Vanguard as my secondary card game, and I do have a blog for that.

Although its pretty much dead, like Lam's blog. Or just about 90% of the bloggers blog.

And for those of you who reads my blog and plays Vanguard, I just wanna link these blog to you.

Rauzes's VG blog :

Have fun.

Oh yeah, found a super sweet tech for Quickdraw Dandy. I'm not sure about the consistency and stuff, but I find the card nice in there.

I'll talk about it tomorrow, as I can't really focus on typing right now. Off to bed!


MaX said...

Let me guess!

Is it Grapha?

LGQ said...

no, think like an idiot!! XD

Rauzes said...

Everyday I'm Imba-ing