Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Side deck changes!!

Wanghu is a good card, I'm pretty positive bout that. It kills plants by itself. Samurai and Agent both can't make big plays with it on the field.

But why isn't it seeing any plays this format. Well, maybe cause those are the only decks this card hits, and it doesn't hit the latter two hard enough. Another thing is that not many decks could play this card in their main deck well. The only good deck that could potentially play this and not be pure antimeta are those who are played like antimeta, namely T.G and something else.

Wanghu is more of a side board card then. But, there are better cards you can play in your side deck nowadays then the king tiger. 2 Soul Release actually kills more decks than Wanghu can.

Lets see, Soul Release kills plants, Darkworld, T.G (if you destroy more than 1 of them that turn), Sabers (because Darksoul works like T.G now here and Faultroll is the only bitch in Sabers), Agents (to some degree, but there is always the T.G variant), Frogs and Infernities.

Leeching the Light seems like a good card until I tested it out. It doesn't do too much damage to Agents, especially those that plays T.G. It really doesn't do anything against Lightlords, because their monster are almost always too small to matter, or backed by Honest. Most players now hold onto their Dragoons for the kill, so the 3000 boost for every monster seems a bit useless, and with Dragoon out, your mostly looking at giving 3000 to 1 of your monsters.

Crow vs Veiler is perhaps the most widely asked questions here.

Lets see what these do. Veilers are more commonly seen in the main because he hits more decks, but Crow hits them harder. But, Crow has a more limited range of targets.

A Veiler can stop Plants (if played right), Samurai, Agents (if played right), Gadgets and any other random monsters you don't wanna see. Crow kills Darkworld, Plant, T.G based decks, Sabers, Lightlord (if played right) and Infernity. But to those deck that doesn't need the grave, Crow is useless, whereas the only deck Veiler is completely useless against would be Darkworld.

I think its safer to assume, if you can't main Veilers, don't side them. Whereas, Crow is always a good side card, but its not that much of a main deck card. But this assumption is based on our OCG meta, so I can't say much bout TG cause Tourguide is gay, although I still can't figure out how a girl can be gay.

Gemini Fiends (or however its called) is a card thats gaining in massive popularity at the moment. I can't think of why anyone wanna play that card aside from Saber and Darkworld hate. I do think its a good card, but as a DW and Saber player, I know I can and will play around it. I side out Dealings most of the games for more hate usually. And in Sabers, I side out the Faultroll Loop pieces for antimeta cards too. Maybe that just me, cause I tend to side into antimeta quite a lot.

But, I do kinda understand why they side these. Cause you need more cards in your side for decks that your bad against. 2 Crows and a Soul Release is never enough for decks that are near Tier 1. You do need more cards for them. And Gemini Fiends is a good card, just not my cup of tea I guess.

Off to work now, signing out!


Marodin said...

Hey! As a Saber player, what would you be looking out for in a match? Specifically, what would you usually put in your side to counter your opponent.

mike said...

@ marodin- crows + moar Gottoms e calls :D

@ gq- good read d. i still dont think veiler is any good in ocg meta. i dont even like it. forced to run it cos of light + lvl 1 + tuner status >.>