Monday, September 12, 2011


As expected, Darksoul is the UR, well, we know this already since he is the cover card. The other UR being Empress.

Boggard is a SR, as I told many people, but most of them keep saying it'll be NR. I don't know who thought of that in the 1st place, but Boggard is almost a guaranteed SR, the only possibility it ain't one, is that it switch rarity with Darksoul. In your face non-believers!!

Infernity Barrier is comfirmed ... as a COMMON! I seriously didn't see this one coming. I told Lam the other day its mostly a SR, when he said it might be a rare. Guess we really underestimated Konami in this. It doesn't concern me at all, but Lam plays Infernity, and I'm not sure what his response would be when he hears of this tomorrow morning.

The 2 syncros are foils, like there would be a non-foil syncro after CRMS (in main booster series and non-reprint sets).

Perhaps what shocks me the most would be Maxx C. Normal Rare. Great ... it'll be a RM40 card now. I was putting my money on Maxx C as a rare, but secretly wished it being a common. But I forgot Konami just likes to put awesome side deck/tech cards as NRs. Thanks man!

The other cards are not important what so ever, because I have no business with them and most of the players here in Malaysia doesn't as well. All and all I don't see EXP4 as a great set. The cards everyone wants from here are the Sabers, but they're not top deck material.

BUT, the format at the moment is actually really good for sabers. And since no one is making extremely fast decks, or rather, can't make extremely fast decks. Sabers do have a chance, as long as you know what your doing. Like, siding out Airbellum when you play DarkWorld? Or maybe taking out random DD Crows when you take on Agents? I'm just saying.

I still feel Sabers being extremely competitive in OCG right now, just not on the top. I tend to say they suck thou if you have conversation with me real life. Well, other things that come out of my mouth when I talk to other players would include E HERO being a bad deck because it has no auto-win, you need to control the entire game or you lose, and main deck Winged Kuriboh is pro.

Well, most of the things I said are based on my own deck anyway, and most people still think of E HERO as a deck that you need constantly spamming Fusions to win. The truth is,you never need to spam that many fusions to begin with. Key to playing with E HERO, hold back on your resource, waste your opponent's and summon Fusion monsters for the win. Simple formula that no one from my locals understand for some reason.

And yes, I do mained Winged Kuriboh, just cause its pro. No joke!

Back to topic, EXP4 sucks. Like all extra pack before it. At least to me, its not worth buying, not like I planned to buy a box to begin with, I'm more comfortable getting singles nowadays.

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