Friday, September 30, 2011

Dandy Warriors with Promos

In case your wondering why the heavily hit plant based syncro decks are still doing so well in Japan, TCGland and even here ... well, thats cause they're still too good of a deck.

While the deck seems dead after the massive hit by banned list September 2011, the deck is still pretty much VERY alive.

I'm not talking bout Tengu and Tourguides since we don't have them here. But, without 2 extremely broken cards, the decks is still winning large tourneys, the only decks that could hold an edge is Agents.

In essences, this deck and Agents are polar opposites. Agents do the same thing every game and beat you with that. Dandy Warrior can play every game with different procedures, not following any guides and end the game with a field of syncro monsters.

Right now, I'm actually considering Dandy Warrior as the more powerful decks as compared to Agents (with the promos of cause). I seriously think that this deck is more broken now then the previous format.

1 example is that I pit 2 of my decks together, my HERO and my Dandy Warrior. I can have Rai-Oh, Super Poly or anything I might need against the deck and I still lose 80% of my games.

My HERO deck is build to kill plants and other syncro decks, and prior to a few weeks ago, no decks that does syncro spam can beat it like this.I'm not bitching or saying how good my HERO deck is, but looking at the results kinda stuns me. Thats when I really realize how bad a mistake Konami made by banning Oppression, I knew that was the stupidest move one can make, but I never expect this big of a stupid move.

Of cause, carefully sided against, this deck is easily beaten. But if played right, this is a deck that could almost always get you game 1.

Looks like I have to remodel my HERO decks for coming months as thats my unofficial tourney decks.

BUT, for some retarded reasons, my Sabers can take out Dandy Warrior easily. I'm not sure why, but I'm winning roughly 12~14 times in my 20 games.

My guess is that, my sabers, like Dandy Warrior is a turn 2 deck.

For me, the only real way to beat Dandy Warrior this format (if your not running Agents or Macro) is to do your stuff before your opponent. If you try to stall and slows your opponent's pace, its not gonna work, since I don't need to normal summon to bring out Quaser, and more turn equals more cards in hand. Oppression is not with us anymore.

Drill Warrior is extremely powerful this format, getting it out 1st turn almost always ensures your win. BUT, you can play around it, with the right cards.

For example, I see a lot of players playing Warning on Drills summon. That might be good and all, but thats not gonna do much harm to your opponent. I normally let my opponent ditch a card, getting his oversized mole out of the way, do some damage next turn. Play Warning when your opponent tries to get it back next turn.

Whats the difference? Warning it when its summon, and your opponent wastes 2 cards and you traded it off with 1. Sounds good. Thats good and all, but its Dandy Warrior we are talking about, they might just drop Dark Armed or BLS on you, then your screwed.

Saving the Solemn now might equal to you getting hit by Drill Warrior, but thats only 1200 damage most of the time. His gonna ditch a card that his gonna get back next turn. So, his 3 cards for your Warning. Better deal? But there's more, saving Warning then also meant you can play it in case your opponent does have a bigger monster than might have been able to kill you then.

Effect Veiler works the same. You can ditch the Veiler when your opponent activates Drill's effect. But, the discard isn't a cost. So his still gonna keep his hand and Drill Warrior while you lost Veiler. If you let it go, you might get a free direct attack, ditching Veiler when he activates Drill Warrior's effect. Now he can't get his card back and he can't use his effect this turn.

Of cause, thats just how I look at it.

Why am I discussing bout Drill Warrior specifically when I'm saying Dandy Warrior as a whole is an overpowered deck? Cause Drill Warrior is the 1 card that make this whole deck alive. You make sure his effect doesn't resolve, you own the game (most of the time).

The other card that made this deck so powerful this format is BLS.

This card needs no introduction, and the only good strategy against it is to kill it ASAP. And make sure your opponent doesn't bring it back.

BLS is the main reason you don't wanna waste your Solemn Warnings. Cause holding BLS and Junk Syncron with Level Eater in grave means "Game 2 please".

Effect Veiler is not gonna do much against BLS, so you can play waste it when you feel right. DD Crow is the same.

The truth is, there is just no good anti-BLS strategy in the game. There's always trap cards, but those aren't strategies. And thats why decks with BLS is always gonna be better than the decks without it.

This might be old, but to beat this deck, you need to know what they have in the grave. Check the grave, think of any possible combo with the cards in the grave. Make sure non of the vital pieces is sent there (the 3rd Dark, a plant for Spore, etc).

The deck is powerful because it doesn't need any field commitment. You can blow their entire field up but they're gonna rebuilt it next turn. Against Dandy Warrior, time IS gold. Every turn you try to stall means more things are drawn and more combo pieces are now in the grave. Not saying playing Conservative is bad, its good. But if you don't think you could hold onto a fullforce combo from Dandy Warrior, your better off attacking risking a Gorz or your whole resource get blown up. Its not gonna matter pass turn 2.

Final note, Dandy Warrior is a Turn 2 or 3 deck. Either beat it in 2 turns or survive 3 turns. Then you'll most probably win the game as their asset won't be enough for another push. BUT, surviving 2 turns from Dandy Warrior is no easy task, especially since Quaser and Heavy are in the game.

Those are my opinion, please feel free to state otherwise. Thanks for reading!


petqwe said...

Sorry sir, but for the Veiler part against Drill Warrior's coming back, Drill Warrior's special summoning itself and adding a monster is ONE EFFECT, and this effect activates at the banish zone. Veiler is not going to work against this effect.

blackwingEX said...

Drill Warrior comes back on the standby phase... Veiler can't touch him then as well >_>

LGQ said...

Oh? is that right? My mistake then. since I'm doing it for ages but no one has ever said anything bout that.

Well then, everyone whose reading this please ignore the veiler part.

Thanks for the update. :)