Sunday, September 11, 2011


Went to Toysbar today for selling BLS Ultimate rare, did some deck testing with the local people there and some guys from Gamers earlier that day.

I was half serious when I mained 3 Smashing Ground into my Saber, but it turned out quite well. Especially since it was a simple 1 card out to Krystia.

While Smashing Ground is a slow card, this format here isn't what I call fast either, so I guess it'll be a fine tech before the format inevitably speeds up again with new boosters coming out. But thats still months ahead, and I could care less in the mean time.

I'm not really gonna main deck 3 Smashing of cause, but 1 might try out 1 or 2 and a Creature Swap. Since these cards really helps Gadgets, and I tend to play Sabers like Gadget.

Played a few games with y updated Quickdraw Dandy, and it does wonders. Its as powerful if not more powerful than last format. Well, I didn't mained 3 Quickdraw last format, so maybe thats where the difference come from.

I found out that I never need the 2nd Librarian and Formula anyway. Lonefire and Debris aren't really that important with Quickdraw around. The only card that kinda hurt would be Avarice, but Drill Warrior is next to extremely amazing.

However, this deck does have a very bad match up against Agents thou, because Krystia is always a bitch. Well, thats where the side deck comes in I guess.

Don't really recommend this deck for big tourneys, while this deck is still a clear tier 1 in OCG right now, its not the top deck in its tier, which makes playing it dangerous. Since people will still side for you, and you won't have the best advantage around. And especially when the No.1 deck of the format right now sorta kills this deck game 1.

On a not so YGO note, I played in the Cardfight Vanguard tourney today for the 1st time. I do have a Vanguard blog but its sorta ... dead.

Went 2 - 2, which I got my opponent getting heal triggers on me when I go for game, thats just how luck based that card game really is.

Well, its not a bad experience thou. Rauzes was there too, he crack a box of Vanguard and basically thats the best box we've ever seen. Imagine getting Duality, Chimera and Veiler for your SRs in DREV, thats how good his box was.

Thats all for today I guess, sorry for posting something non-YGO, but I thought some of you might wanna know what happen to Rauzes. The guy ain't dead and still playing Battle Spirit and more recently Vanguard.

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