Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gagaga Magician deck

Misleading title, but I've not done anything to it yet, and the deck is still merely an idea. Spending too much time on work and anime.

What I did thou, was building my Sabers to match this format, I try making it so that I would not lose to a first turn Krystia. Normally I have my traps waiting for it but as we know right now, traps that aren't chainable aren't that good anymore.

Another threat is Darkworld. The deck can be said as saber's biggest problem, even bigger than Agents. But no good players in my area plays Darkworld, as most of them seems to favor Agents and Gantetsu more. All my DW matchups till now are easy as my opponent mostly misplay themselves to death.

Going to work now, will post the updated list this evening.

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