Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gagaga Magician

Picked up a play set of Gagaga today, since I have obviously nothing better to pick up.

Thinking of playing a deck that focuses on Advance Draw, Gagaga and Wonder Wand.

I know I'll be playing 3 copies of Future Vision, Barboros and Sin Stardust.

But I've no clue what to play for the Spellcaster part.

Not much from me now and I made dozens of decks on duelnet this week, but most of them are either inconsistent or its not fun to play with.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Breaker the magicak warrior is a good choice,You can summon him,get a counter,equip it with wonder wand,run over st,then pop a backkrow and tribute it for wand to draw 2.

Kxero said...

Since you're playing Future Vision maybe go with fortune ladies?

check this out for some ideas?

LGQ said...

Breaker is in the deck already, sorry for not mentioning that.

Don't really like Fortune Ladies, and I plan to stick with the more antimeta type cards.

Saikon said...

You can use that lv4 Light Gemini Spellcaster guy, whose name I cannot remember. Since he is Light you have the Chaos part set up.

His effect is also surprisingly good, but he is really bad against Future Visions since he basically is banished twice.

LGQ said...

hmm, will see