Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Re : What do I side into while

For myself, the only 2 decks that I consider a problem to Sabers are DW and Agents.

DW : not too much bout the I cant ditch their hand thing, but Sabers tend to set a lot and decks that blow up cards regardless of position and does that early in the game is generally bad for sabers.

I usually side in cards such as 2 Kycoo, 2 Crow, Release and 2 copies of Dark Imprisoning Mirror.

Agents are just pure annoying. Not so much bout Krystia, I can play around a card that just stands there, no problem. Its the cards that I dont see that matters. You never know when they have Hyperion or Orange Light, that why they're doing so well.

Consistency is another issue, Agents are perhaps the toughest deck you'll ever face if your trying to ditch their hand. All of their plays comes together easier than yours.

I now side 2 copies of Light Improsoning Mirror, 2 BTH (my main 2 D Prison instead now), Soul Release, 2 Kycoo.

Kycoo is a boss in the format. The amount of decks this guy can kill is amazing. Even if he doesn't out right kills a deck, you can still make your deck a bit more anti-meta-ish in game 2 so you won't die to card people usually side against Sabers (ie, DD Crow).

As mentioned, after play testing, I felt like maining Dimension Prison over Bottomless Trap Hole.

If your starting, you wanna have BTH, while D Prison works a lot better in later games, or when your starting second in general. But for me, my first move is usually setting Emmers or Darksoul, I don't mind my opponent go on offense there. D Prison is more effective later in the game. Cause normally I don't mind letting my opponent have the head start as long as I can strip them of their advantage later on.

But BTH is still an extremely important card this format. Since Agents are big, Grapha is a pain and Librarian will still kill you if you don't take it out fast.

I was siding Black Horns of Heaven, but took that out since I decide to main D Prison and took out BTH. But the Black Horn is an amazing card this format. It acts as your 3rd and 4th Warning, minus the cost.

The last 2 cards I have in my side are a copy of Nobleman of Crossout and a copy of Creature Swap.

Nobleman is an obvious choice. GK aren't as dead as I hope they would be. Ryko is an ass. Most importantly, I don't like people beating me with Sabers cause I have an ego to live up to.

Swap is the card thats gonna grab most of your attention, if your not from Japan that is ...

The card is good against decks that rely on 1 monsters. The card can get you that Krystia and your opponent is doomed, BLS and you opponent is crying, Quaser(when played right) and your opponent will scoop.

Just my personal preferences I guess as most of my card choices are weird a lot of the time.


Jeffhokage said...

I agree creature swap a good card vs decks rely on one monster.

blackwingEX said...

creature swap is BOSS (especially in X-sabers full of floaters)

nobleman is good (but only 1 copy?)

Shadow Imprisoning seems hard to protect with storm/msts

LGQ said...

its harder to protect, but even if I could use it to stop my opponent for 1 turn, its worth it. Especially since DW cards are mostly -1s when their effect doesn't go through.

I couldn't fit another Nobleman in here, Plants and Sabers aren't THAT popular here, so 1 is alright at the moment.

Swap IS boss.

Captain Skippeh said...

Dark world-D.D Crow
Agents/Lightsworn= Ally of Justice Cycle Reader

LGQ said...

i'm not a 100% sure bout Cycle Reader is a promo here, and they're not allowed. so thats why you don't see AOJ stuffs in my sides