Saturday, September 17, 2011

EXP4 is here!!

Got myself a playset of Boggard and 2 Darksoul today, need 1 more. Pulled 1 Boggard from 3 packs, traded the holos from the other 2 packs for 2nd Boggard. Bought a Darksoul for RM35, thats like 10 bucks USD? Traded BLS UR for a Darksoul and Boggard, not the best trade ever, but I wanna make sure I have the cards before the market price goes stupid and I got that BLS for free from Rauzes.


5 down, 1 more to go. And thats from the 1st day the set is release here at Toysbar.

Didn't get to play in today's ranking cause my job is a bitch.

Did a pseudo half-ass Trishula loop with sabers today. But it took me 4 cards in hand to loop 3 Trishula ... come to think of it, its pretty worth it.


Anonymous said...

you traded BLS for those cards?? Sorry dude but that's the Worst trade in

LGQ said...

Its not a good deal, but its worth it for me.

since the price range is only bout rm30 dif, I could care less

LGQ said...

BLS is gonna be in GS05 anyway, and I have enough for my decks, might as well trade those extras for cards I need . :)

Anonymous said...

How do Trishula loop with sabers ?

Johann said...

Its not that bad of a trade. Its only an ultra BLS not a parallel. In SG, dark soul are $30 and boggart are $16. SO its quite a fair trade, not sure about the values of those cards there though.

Anyway, how does the loop work with the trishula.

LGQ said...

well, its not much of a loop, its sorta like Baha's Dewloren loop, minus the amount of hands.

Have 2 sabers on field that could make brionac, faultroll + random 4 hands. Faultroll, regigura and pashuul in grave.

summon trishula, send it back, summon it again till your out of hand. 4 cards in hand makes you 3 Trishulas.

The math is something like 2 hand = 1 Trishula.

Anonymous said...

I am disappoint.

Anonymous said...

you have email or facebook ?
can I get it?
thank you

mike said...

omg u traded away the card rauzes gave you ?? :( next time cant give lgq card liaw, later he give away nia :P

mike said...

jkjk. its a good deal actually.

@ johann- market price for ds here is rm 70 to 80, (approx 30 sing) and bogg knight is rm 40 (approx 15 sing) which is the same in singapore and m'sia. 1st time i see m'sia and s'pore dishing out same price for cards