Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Henshin!! Super Saiyan Ultra-Yuma

Thats what happened in episode 24 of YGO ZeXal. Astral overlay'ed himself and Yuma to form a super hero mode of themselves. Of cause, they are not on the field or in the game, its just sorta like how Kaito can Photon Change before dueling.

ZeXal is actually some sort of mythical force thats suppose to save Astral's world. So, its not just a random name, its actually a random name that got used in the story for some random purposes. Wow!

I bet a lot of people will go crazy and rant about how the transformation or fusion thing is stupid and how its so not YGO. BUT, this isn't the 1st time they do it.

No, this happened late 2007 when Judai fused himself and Yubel to form the Tom-Cruise-Version of himself.

This is just the animators way of answering the fans how was that move possible. By stating, A is possible because B is possible. That doesn't make sense? It does cause C makes sense, and C is equivalent to A and B. By C I mean Yusei turning gold in color before summoning Shooting Quaser where he fused with the Crimson Dragon (since Red + Crab = Gold).

On side note, the ZW or ZeXal Weapon cards, or the only card revealed. The Unicorn thing. Is Good!

Ignoring the fact that its effect can only be played if you have Hope Ray out, which isn't hard at all. Its just as hard as getting Hope out, and we know how hard that is.

The Unicorn Spear thingy (which I forgot its name) is a 1900 Light Beast monster. That by itself is enough for lots of good things.

TG Gadget just got another big beater, to top things off, TG Gadget seems to be the deck which could make Hope the easiest. And being the deck that could pull off Hope Ray's stupid requirement most easily.

So, now we can have :

6 Gadgets, 3 Unicorn thing, 2 Striker, 3 Warwolf, 1 Rhino, a Glow Up Bulb and BLS.

Or you could play 9 Gadgets and have 20 monsters in your deck. I'm not sure what thats leading towards, but I'm not sure I like that monster count in Gadget.

That Unicorn actually makes playing Warning in Offering Gadget reasonable. Not to mention Seven-Tools.

Unicorn shit also made BLS alive in Gadget if anyone where to play it that way.

To top things off, Unicorn dude is part of the ZW archtype which can be translated as "we will release a ton of support for these guys so get your wallets ready", so I can see improvement for the deck. Thats IF Offering isn't hit by the banned list in 6 months. Hahahahaha ...

Or maybe they just made it a Unicorn to remind the players how many packs/boxes of DREV he pulled in hope of getting Pot of Duality. Who know?

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